Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


*ONE* month

Hello .... remember me!?!? 
*ONE* month .... not since since my last post (sorry, but it's been a little longer than that). But *ONE* month until my first Half Marathon!

I've ran 2-3x a week and 1x long run since August 13th!  Of course I'm keeping track on a spreadsheet (I'm framing that bitch) and so far I've ran 61 miles and have spent over 13 hrs running.  Not to toot my own horn, but its been a lot easier than I thought!!  Matt has been fabulous on the nights when I have to run .... and as soon as I walk in the door after the hugs and kisses I hit the pavement!  Emma has been my rock and stayed around after work to run with me and has gotten up and drove to meet me for our 6am Saturday runs!  I still can't believe I'm doing it .... I've actually stuck with something!!  I haven't bitched about wanting to stop (even tho I've thought it), I haven't said "I can't" (except ONE time when my back was jacked up and I thought my rib was going to come there my flesh) and I've tried to get out of running .... last night actually-oops, but my plan didn't work and I ran.   

So why a half?  I've wondered this myself ... and still don't think I have an answer to it.
is it because of the fancy 13.1 sticker I can put on my car afterwards? maybe
is it because I envy Emily a little bit since she's done several halves? maybe
is it because I tear up at every half I've ever went to to stand on the sidelines to watch people of all fitness levels, all sizes and ages run past me and think "WOW - look at them ... they are accomplishing something HUGE today!!" probably
is it because I've seen Mom's just like me bawling when they cross the finish line because they've DONE IT! probably
Honestly, I don't know why I'm doing a half in a month (is that bad?).  I guess I just wanna say I've done one .... I've ran 13.1 miles, I've took time to train, I've juggled schedules around and made time to put ME first! This might me first first and only one ... a few years from how we'll (hopefully) have 2 kiddos running around, Brody will have homework & after school activities and I'll being doing another kind of running after work ..... and I'll be OK with that! 

I always think of this quote ...

"One day I won't be able to do this, today is not that day."


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