Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


Confessions 02.17.12

I confess that I was a little bitter about this.....

Not that I thought what I made for Brody was over the top, but you know what I mean.

Me: what in the hell are these?!?!
Matt: don't worry about it they are probaby stay at home moms....
Me: .....that send their kid to daycare everyday-I don't think so!
Matt: yea so they can GTL all day (he's such a Jersey Shore nut)
Me: Noooooo, they are PINTEREST moms!!

I better up my game for Easter!!

I confess that if I slip up one meal or snack during the day I throw in the towel for the day.  Yesterday for lunch I chose Jimmy John's over my Lean Cruise so last night after having a delicious meal of cheese raviolis I munched on some popcorn and deer sausage while doing our taxes.

I confess that I was a pageant mom during Brody's pictures.  I pumped him up and told him he would get a new talking Matter and McQueen if he smiled and some coffee (he takes after his mommy about those Frappes).  The lady snapped like 2 pictures and he was like "I get McQueen"  I'm like not yet....I was happy with them, BUT I misread that great Picture People Groupon incorrectly!!  So instead of getting 8 sheets (1 10x13, 1 8x10, 4 5x7, 10 4x6 and 16 wallets) ( I was thinking 1 sheet of each pose), but no I had to chose ONE pose, so I walked out with 32 pics of one pose!  UGH....I reminded myself very quickly why we love Kara so much!

I confess that I can't wait for tomorrow!  I'm watching Loreli and Mom and I are going to tackle 2 2 year olds in Kohls, JCP, Little Gym and Olive Garden!  They were together last weekend and played so good together.....but I'll need to keep an eye on them-I have a feeling that what one doesn't think of the other will!

I confess that I really want to move Brody into his "big boy" bedroom or redo his room now.  I feel like I really only have one more shot at it before he will want to pick out stuff on his own!  Anyone have any ideas on themes?  I was thinking sports or transportation (cars, trucks, trains....)

I confess that I'm super excited to be playing Bunco full time again!!  I really miss those girls and it'll be fun to hang out at least 1x month again!


The book according to Brody

Soooo it's been over a month - I've been super busy at work and at work is really the only time I blog (shh, don't tell)

Brody is living life as a typical 2 year old.  He's been getting to be pretty demanding at times saying things like "I need milk" or "I need Buzz"  so we've been talking to him about asking nicely and it he gets to be a bossy butt we remind him.....and he says "I'm nicely"  God I love that kid!!  The stuff he pulls now really scares me for what I have head me......ugh, we all remember the naked faze and who can ever forget the VASELINE eposide!  My mom said I should really write these kind of things down....that would be perfect for a baby book or a scrapbook - yea, well.....that shit stopped at his first birthday!  So, here are some recent adventures Brody has taken us on.

"What Happened"
During the winter months we run a cool mist humidifier in Brody's room.  Part of our nighttime routine is that Matt fills up the water part, I brush Brody's teeth, we say prayers, give kisses and say good night.  I've said before he's always gone to bed like champ and usually plays around for a while and talks to himself.  I was in the living room and heard something in his room.....(at this point we've said our good nights almost an hour ago, so I was wondering what he was up to)  I walked in and saw the basket from his changer on the floor, so I knew there would be a mess and turned on the light.  There he sat in about an gallon of water, lotion on his forward and he looks at me and says "what happened mommy".  I was like OMG and yelled down for Matt.  He comes up and we discover that Brody took the water container from the humidifier and must have pressed that spring loaded button a million times and damn near emptied it!!  Everything was soaked.....his sheets dripped water as well as some of his stuff animals. We couldn't believe he had sat in that water for so long and not said anything!  He must have put the lotion on his legs while they were wet because his legs were slimy.

An older gentleman lives across the street from us and he has a dog named Max.  Max is a full grown golden retriever and always comes to say "hi" when we're out.  He's not the most sociable dog and really just runs around our yard and barks (Zoe puts him in his place and sends him home with his tail between his legs if she's out).  One morning, last Friday I think, Brody and I were running late (surprise surprise) and we walk outside and Brody takes off running across the yards well Max was out (btw Max's owner reads his paper and smokes by his fishing boat almost every morning while Max lays in the driveway) so I knew it would be a whole ordeal to get Brody to come to me. Max comes running over to say hi.  Well, that was it.....Brody was NOT going to come to me now, so I call Max....and naturally my son follows so grab McQueen out of Brody's hand (because he's "that kid" who has to take his cars to school with him everyday)  and hold his hand.  Max is by our feet in our yard and Brody gets mad at me and throws his other car down.  Max is smelling it and I say to Brody "It's not nice to throw your cars....Max might eat it"  well sure shit....Max takes that car in his mouth and runs home!  OH the tears.....I started laughing so hard and the poor neighbor had no idea what had happened.  So picture this....he's saying "I'm sorry" and I'm saying "Max has a car in his mouth"..... I didn't want Max to choke so I walk the screaming kid down the street and Max drops the car out of his mouth without a scratch on it and I laughed all the way back to our house!!!