Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


The book according to Brody

Matt was out of town a few weekends back so I decided to take Brody to church with me....alone!  Our church is super cool and laid back so I wasn't too too concerned....but I def second guessed it when he was whining he didn't even want to ride in my car! 

Before worship even started we were already down a thing of fruit snacks and had grabbed a coloring bag.  I held him when we stood because I didn't want him to run away or run on the chairs.  As it got quiet he noticed the little boy in our row have his Yo Gabba Gabba people lined up....Brody shouts "That's Gabba Gabba"  It gave the people around us a little laugh and not to meantion the parents of this little the mass continues (he's doing pretty good)  then its time to pray silently to yourself....(I knew this was not going to be good) so we took a walk in the back. We looked at pictures and took a balloon to buy something for VBS then he wanted to dance (since they were playing music).....Now we're to the part (similar to "peace be with you") that you go around and shake peoples hands-he did good!  There was this old lady sitting down so I made sure we shook her hand and she grabs Brody and hugs him (for like 3 seconds) and he LETS her-I was shocked! I'm sure it made her day.  We are in the home stretch now....last song - I'm holding Brody and singing and he grabs my face and says "look at me when I'm talking to you" (notta a clue where he heard that from...because honeslty I don't say that to him).  Me being the mature - keep a straight face mother as I am (HA) start laughing....then he proceeds to turn my face away from him so he can do it again - we finished church cracking up at each other.

I think I get an "A" for effort in my book!

Brody's 2 1/2 Slideshow

It's that time again for me to brag on my kid.....check out his 2 1/2 year old pictures from Bright Shot Photography!!  I'm going to be honest that Matt and I were extremely self conscious about how we looked in these, but our fabulous photographer sent over some kind words last night....things I've never thought of, so I want to share them-LOVE Kara!

"Never ever judge what you look like in reality off of one photo, or even several photos.  It is one angle from one 2 dimensional moment in time and is not an accurate representation of how you look in reality.  Even movie stars practice posing for the red carpet and in public so they can photograph well.  The only person I've ever seen that photographs well from almost every single angle is beanpole Kate Middleton!These type of sessions are the most common for people feeling the way that you do.  Since most of the session is chasing and wrangling the kiddo, I don't have the luxury of arranging the two of you in a way that flatters you.  The majority of the pictures are taken just trying to capture the child's face and smile, and unfortunately that often means sacrificing parents' position for the camera." 



I got 2 zucchini's out of this bad boy this weekend & probably 8 cups of green beans all together so far!!  I've been sauteing zucchini slices with olive oil and seasonings and we put some in our dehydrator and make chips out of them!  I'm addicted!!
There are tomatoes, lettuce, green beans, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli and peppers

LOOK at the size of the stems....HUGE!  Maybe because I put the whole little seed packet.....I mean that's how I roll - the more the merrier!

our FIRST one....

The 2nd one went to my MIL for her birthday!


2012 USO Mud Run

Holla!!  It's Friday and it's not supposed to rain all weekend and be in the 90's - hello pool time!!

Last weekend my sister, our cousins Val & Chrissy and Val's friend Alanna did the USO Mud Run

I wasn't on board with this at the beginning, because let's face it I don't like to get dirty!  But the way I thought of it as....he's "mad made" mud holes so the mud is "clean", right?  PLUS, I've swam in the river on many occasions and Lord knows what's in that (insert gag sound).  So, I joined the team Muddy VESCA's V (val) E (emily) S (me) C (chrissy) A (alanna) I didn't come up with that Emma did, and it stuck!! The website suggested to "practice" running in muddy conditions which none of us did.  At the beginning we started running in grass anticipating what was around the corner....there was mud we had to run through then muddy water we had to crawl through and this muddy hill we had to climb and slide down towards then end there was steep hills, tires and hay bails we concurred.  You had to finish as a team and even tho the vowel's (Emily and Alanna) knees were bloody early on we finished strong hand in hand and all can't wait to do another one.  Here's a video I made last night with our pictures and video clips of our journey.


If I ruled the world....

So I've had some down time lately and have been reading STLToday and Fox 2 News and let me tell you what...there are some real dandy's out there - let me share some of my findings!

What a retarded thing to do FIT2FAT2FIT - obviously gave up spray tanning too.

Really?!?!?  That's all she was charged with "The mother was ticketed for seat beat violations, a car seat violation and other traffic offenses, the affiliate reported."  How about child endangerment.  I'm sure it would have been an insist explosion if she got t-boned.

No sure how to comment on this one....I think I would have done the same thing :-/  Probably would have mentioned it was a dog tho.

This is a feel good story - I mean a partial idiot for NOT knowing his puppy was gone....:

Tearjerker (sometimes I think I like dogs more than humans):


So What

  • I set my alarm at 5:15 am every morning as an attempt to do a quick workout and spend that extra time laying on the couch on FB
  • after waking up from a dream of telling someone to "shut the F up" put a smile on my face....because between you and me - I'd LOVE to do it in person!!!
  • I'm addicted to Tropical Snow's Casper flavor....vanilla and blueberry - YUM
  • I'm passing on the company's night at the ball just doesn't do it for me!  :-/
  • I have something planned for a Saturday I'm NOT planning anything on that Sunday & vice versa....I'm refusing to be super busy the entire summer - not happenin'
  • after I finish this apple I'm going to most likely grab a piece of chocolate....
  • part of the reason why I want to do a half marathon is so I can get a 13.1 sticker on my back window
  • I'm over drinking...after my moonlight maddess episode - it's really not woth (and I'm too old) took me till TUESDAY to feel normal again! 

Geez Louise

It's been 2 months & 1 day since my last post - surprised I still have followers , BUT I have kept up with all of your posts & pics via my phone - hence the lack of comments blc sometimes the fancy iPhone it's retarded.

So here's a quick catch up post: (sorry for the lack of pictures....I decided to start blogging again while in traffic this morning)

My Garden:  I have produce!!  Not everything I planted grew, but so far I've harvested (yes I really feel like a farmer) green beans, cilantro and lettuce.  I have a TON of baby zucchini's growing, tomato plants (did you know they now make cute colored tomato cages!??! Well, they do and I have bright blue ones to match the pool), cauliflower, broccoli and peppers.

It's half way thru 2012, so let's check in on those resolutions I made:

  • Run the whole thing:  I sign up and participate in about 5 races every year and besides the Santa Hustle a few weeks back, I haven't ran the whole race since the Halloween 10k in October 2010!!  This year....I'm going to run the whole race - every race!
So far so good....I ran the whole 5 mile St Patty's Day run 2 min faster than my up Susan G Koman (haven't ran that whole course, then the Color Run in August, then the Halloween 10k, THEN.....the HALF in October
  • Pre Brody Weight: I'm a big slacker....I'm the first to admit it-I really don't like to exercise and still like to snack and eat shitty like I did when I was 17!!! But, this year I'm going to get down or below the weight I was when I got pregnant with Brody.  Just for the record....that's 10 + or - pounds.
Work in progress....Matt and I joined Weight Watchers online on May 8th (um almost a month) and I've only lost 4 lbs...NOT because WW doesn't work, because I cheat ALL.THE.TIME. Still working on it....I have another 6 months!  =)
  • Better Mother and Wife: I really hate to confess this (its not even Friday) but sometimes I act like Kate Gosslin.  I freak out over messes and when things don't go as planned, so this year I'm really REALLY going to try to be a little calmer.  This by far is going to be the hardest one for me!
Still Kate Gosslin....sorry people in my life! 
  • Baby #2: I'm going to THINK about getting off the pill (FYI: it'll probably be way later in probably November-ish).
The way Mr Broster has been acting lately this will happen closer to December 31st at 11:59p until I THINK about it. I can roll over resolutions, right!?!?
  • Potty Training: well, duh.....yes I'm already this, but Mr. Brody isn't!  He will be in 2012 though!
We have the peeing down pretty good....but the poops - ugh, I'm running out of underwears blc I throw them away instead of washing them.  It's easier to just cut the underwear off then pull them down then wash their leg - OK I'll stop there, I'm grossing myself out.
  • J.O.B.: My goal is to find another job that I absolutely love - like when I was at WCG (if that is possible)
SUCCESS: Oh the relieve of having a job I love again.  I'm working at World Wide Technology in Westport and couldn't be happier.  It wasn't an easy road...I interviewed 4 times with 6 different people all while still working for the Prada's. I sit in the lovely 270 traffic for about 45-60 mins everyday, but it's totally worth being in a healthy work environment again. 

P.S. Heather, I'll be hitting you up for a new look....Brody's 2 1/2 pics will be ready soon!