Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


Day 29

Day 23: Notta
Day 24: Notta
Day 25: PM: Walked a mile with Brody and the dogs
Day 26: Notta
Day 27: Notta
Day 28: AM: Walked/Ran almost 2 miles with the dogs
             PM: did some swiss ball and arm exercises while watching TV
Day 29: AM: Jillian Yoga

I sure wish I would have been more serious about this new leaf thing....there are way too many "notta's"!  I figured I'm probably about 10 heavier than last in the F-U-C-K did that happen!?!??!  I tried on a pair of size 4 shorts today (that fit me last year) and they where tight tight tight....I said to myself why the hell are these in my closet!?!?!  So has I tossed then in the donate pile in the spare room and I called them "fuckers"

I'm begging anyone in the Waterloo/Columbia area to be my workout buddy!!!!  Monday is a new month!!  It's the LAST month of the summer.....I'm going to dig out my "fucker" shorts (blc there are 2 pairs in there) and wear them again!!


Please Vote

So I thought I had it all figured out, but I'm rethinking my decision (sorry Erica, they are all just SO good)  I'm not going to tell you which one I was 99.9% leaning towards.  Vote for your favorite by leaving a comment!  =)  Thanks!!





Chalcraft Creative

Soooo I've been working with someone amazing to create Brody's birthday invites.  I usually use a picture and create something myself on Snapfish or Shutterfly, but I wanted something different this year.  Meet Erica owner of Chalcraft Creative she is awesome!  Her website has some great stuff on it and her prices are so cheap!!!  For 30 invites at 4x6 it would be $24 or for 30 invites at 5x7 it would be $27 and that is designed, printed and shipped!!  WOW, huh?  Here are some samples she came up with for Brody's party!!!

a WHAT is in our garage

So yesterday morning when Matt left for work he found this:

My first thought was when it the last time Yadi was at the house-hehehe  Matt's like something is in here.....a kitten or a raccoon or something!!  Since I was so curious and hoping it was something like a kitten that we could keep I left this on the floor of the garage:

I totally forgot all about it yesterday until I came home and still saw the pile there. kitten!! So I grab my purse and walk in the garage and see this right by the stairs:

I freaked the frick and frack out!!  I ran into the house and was jumping and OMGing a lot!!  Matt's like we must have just walked by it!!  So he's like I'm going to trap it.  I didn't want him to kill it so we kind of moved stuff around and our little furry friend came out.

He was cute, but he was not happy!!!  He was hissing at Matt.  So we got a rake and gently moved him out of the garage and wished him luck!! 

He was pretty weak and thin....Good Luck little buddy!


Day 22

This week is better!!  I've been using this app I downloaded on my phone and I love it!  It's called Women's Log.  It's really for fertility planning, but it has lots of other options you can add daily (I add a note everytime I work out) ..... Pshh, guess how many times that pink heart is on my calendar?!?!  Um, I'm married, work full time and have a 2 year old-you do the math!  One time I showed Matt the calendar and he asked what the icons were and he's like we need some more hearts!!  hahahaha

Then I can see my progress of the month:

Day 15: I did one of those Skinny Wraps that everyone is talking, I didn't lose any inches.  Rumor has it that you can lose up to 5 inches after doing on of those things, but I didn't!  Maybe it was the homemade pizza I ate and the cupcakes my Mom sent home with me!
Day 16: AM: Ran 2 miles with Emma .... she only yelled at me 2x!!  Sarah I'm surprised you didn't hear us....we stopped by your house and had this conversation:
Em: what do you got (we have those Nike bands that tells us distance)
Me: 1.94
Em: not far enough....lets go to Madison Street
Me: NO
Em: come on
Me: NO, I'm done
Em: well I'm going
Me: Whatever
Day 17: PM: Swam a few laps, but nothing to brag about
Day 18: AM: Walked a mile with Brody
Day 19: AM: Jillian Yoga
Day 20: AM: Swiss Ball
Day 21: AM: Kettle Bell
Day 22: AM: Pilates Buns and Thighs


*Job Opening*

Job Description:

Wanted someone to come to my house every morning around 9:30a-9:45a to make the beds, close the closet doors, put my straightener away, fix the couch cushions, pick up toys & laundry, clean up the occasional hair ball in the corner of my kitchen so my house is all in order when I get home from work! 

  1. You must be OK to pick up my husbands dirty boxers, socks, pants and shirts from the floor
  2. OCD is a PLUS
  3. Ability to remember the small pillows go on the love seat and the large pillows go on the couch-DUH!

You will get the sense of accomplishment by knowing that you help the children of our future....because I will be a happier mommy.  You will also help decrease the divorce rate, as I will be a calmer wife.

Only serious applicants, please!

Potty Training 101

So now that Brody is in this:

I want him to do this:

But I refuse to buy these:

and sing THIS 

So do I use these:

What age should I start?  He's 21months now
Should I try to just do a potty "bootcamp" and hang out all weekend in the kitchen?



Weekend Fun

Friday: Aunt Emmy picked up Brody and hung out with him for a while, so Matt and I took that opportunity to go grocery shopping (geez....we are childless and we decide to go grocery shopping) Anyways, so Matt is in charge of the budget now so we had to shop smart.  We had $100 to go grocery shopping with to last us the rest of the month!  AND.....we did it!!!  We started by looking through the sales ad's 10 for $10 deals are the best!!  We hit up Dollar General first...did you know they have brand name items and you use coupons?!?!  Matt tried to give me a high five when the total was only $25, but I'm like not in public, babe!  (We high five'd in the parking lot)  Next we did the 10 for $10 on lots of stuff!!  Our total was like $103 all together!  It felt great!  After Brody got home we hung out for a while then Matt and I watched the worst movie ever....this:

Don't let the big names fool you....there was no point to it and it just ended!!  UGH, no wonder why I'm not a fan of movies.

Saturday: We all got up bright and early and headed to Red Bud....the car was getting a face lift from Total Eclipse so we had some time to kill.  Emily and I ran 2 miles then we all just hung out at Mom's.  Before we were ever married Mom, Emily and I picked up some super cheap Halloween costumes from TJ Maxx.... a turtle and a frog!  I knew one of them was a 2T so we tried to try the turtle on Brody!  He HATED it! Um....back to the drawing boards for costumes this year.

My little cousin who is almost 5 was going to spend the night with us and I was super excited!  I figured Brody would have the time of his life hanging out with another little boy.....well this is our a night was!

Look at Brody's little grin.....
It started at my mom's-poor Phillip couldn't even sit on my lap without Brody being super jealous!
Brody fell asleep on the way to Columbia so Phillip and I played with Brody's toys!  It was a total look into the future with all the trucks lined up and all the pieces in the train track put together!!  Typical little boy!  Brody woke up and was a little cranky!  There were lots of "me's" going on when Phillip tried playing with his toys which made me a little bummed......we swam a little, but really the air was cooler than our pool water-not so refreshing!

I planned for the boys to make there own pizzas:

Phillip was totally more into it than Brody was so he got to make both of them.....but he made sure I knew which was his:

Guess which one is his?!?!  HAHAHA
I pulled the picnic table in the kitchen so they could dine together!

Having an older little boy around was so much fun!  The conversations were hilarous!!  I turned Brody's Scensty on because of the dogs had an accident in his room while we were gone and Phillip walks in and says "it' smells like fruit snacks in here"

Then he was asking which dog was which so I told him.
Phillip: Why isn't that one Zoe and that one Reese
Me: Because we got Zoe first
Phillip: Oh.  Well where was Brody born at?
Me: St Anthony's
Phillip: Oh, well where did he come from?
Me: (oh gosh) he came from my you were in your mommy's belly, Brody was in mine
Phillip: Well how did he come out?
Me: (OMG) Well, the doctors know magic and they got him out
Philip: Oh
Me: SO, didn't you bring Cars to watch??

Sunday: It was a lazy Sunday around the house!  I napped (which never happens), then we swam while Matt grilled some Deer Brats.  I was bored and felt very unproductive so I'm like we should make Brody's bed a big boy bed soon!  Matt must have been bored too, because he was like OK go get the stuff!  Ekkk.....Brody's last picture in his crib!! saddness.....

Maybe, he didn't like the idea

Brody's 1st picture in his big boy bed!!

Reese had to try it out too

I swear I just know I will find her in bed with him some day....and it will SO remind me of Marley and Me when Marley is in bed with the little boy!!  (tear) He does love his Reese!!!

So, how did Brody do in his new Big Boy bed?!?!? VERY good!!!  We put a gate up in Brody's door way  and he whined and cried for only like 5 minutes then we both tip toed in to see if he was laying in the middle of the floor and NO, he was in his bed!  =)  Then in the morning I heard him in there so I got up and sat on his bed with him and he got up sat as the edge of his bed and gave me a big smile!  



Day 15

Let's just say I'm ...... SLACKING!!  Better luck next week!!


Stampin Up Stamps *FOR SALE*

Ok people I'm cleaning house......blc this momma wants this:

I already have THIS (minus the plug in warmer) and THIS for sale.....and now I'm on to my Stampin Up Stamps!  I used to be a scrapbooking - card making fool!! I'm just not that into anymore....there are a ton more that I would rather be doing then locked up in a room!  So here are all of my Stampin Up stamps I have for sale!  Email if your interested in any of them!


SET OF 1 $2.00 each
·       Holiday print set of 1

SET OF 4 $ 5.00 each
1.     Simple Somethings set of 4
2.     Ittey Bitty Backgrounds set of 4
3.     Little Shapes set of 4
4.     Fresh Fillers set of 4
5.     Around & About set of 4
6.     By Design set of 4
7.     Gentely Falling set of 4
8.     It’s a Girl Thing set of 4
9.     It All Adds up set of 4
10.  Fabulous Four set of 4
11.  Say it with scallops set of 4
12.  Happy Winter set of 4
13.  Simple Sayings set of 4
14.  Delightful Doodles set of   4
15.  Hand Made with Love set of4
16.  Burst into Bloom set of 4
17.  Polka Dot Punches  set of 4
18.  Send a Celebration  set of 4

SET OF 5 $5.00
·       Framed Fun Set of 5

SET OF 6 $7 each
1.     Teeny Tinies set of 6
2.     Hearts & Clovers set of 6
3.     All Natural set of 6
4.     Happy Hearts set of 6
5.     Cute as a bug set of 6
6.     Star Santa set of 6
  1. Looks Like Spring set of 6
  2. Oh, My Word  set of 6
  3. Simply Circles  set of 6
  4. Vivid Greetings  set of 6
  5. Love Ya Bunches  set of 6
  6. The Fine Print set of 6

SET OF 7 $8 each
1.     Definitely Citrus & Such set of 7
  1. If the Halo Fits set of 7
3.     Special Delivery set of 7
4.     Two Step All the best set of 7
5.     Holiday Frame Fun set of 7

SET OF 8 $9 each
1.     Love Notes set of 8
2.     Sweet & Simple set of 8
3.     Winged Things set of 8
4.     Greeting Galore set of  8
5.     Nice & Easy Notes set of 8
6.     Little Layers set of 8
7.     Little Layers II  set of 8
8.     2 Step Painted Posies  set of 8
9.     2 Step Mini Messages set of 8
10.  Bold Shapes  set of 8
11.  Garden Blocks set of 8
12.  Quick & Cute set of  8

SET OF 9 $10 each
1.     Two Step Border Builders set of 9
2.     Nice and Narrow set of 9
3.     Two-step Love w/o end set of 9
4.     Two-step Spring Garden set of 9
  1. 2 Step Perfect Party set of  9
  2. Suitable for Framing set of 9

SET OF 11 $12 each
o   Two Step Bug Builder set of 11

SET OF 12 or more $13 each
  1. All-Year Cheer III  set of 12
2.     Thanks snow much set of 12
3.     Little Holiday Wishes set of 12
  1. 2 Step Treat Yourself  set of 13

SET OF 26 or more $15 each
o   Alphabet Fun Upper set of 26
o   Everyday Flexible Phrases set of 56

Weekend Roundup

It was a long nice weekend!!  We got to relax a little and hang out with some family and friends!

Friday:  Matt got some free Cardinal tickets from work so we asked his Dad and Step Mom to go along with us.  It was Brody's 1st Cardinals game!  He was so good.....we only had to walk around 2x because he was getting antsy!  He loved all the clapping! 

Saturday: Emily came up for a boot camp session at my house!  It was fun!  We ran a mile then came back to do some strenghth training in my driveway then repeated!  I was getting hot and whiny on the 2nd mile .... this is what happened:
Me: I don't want to do this anymore
Em: come on we're almost there
Me: you have to me meaner than that
Em: move your ass
Me: ummm, maybe you should get a megaphone
Em: (with her hands cupped to her mouth) MOVE!!
Me: yikes......ok!!
After our workout we ran to the mall then made lunch together!  Brody took a long which meant I laid out!  We headed to the Catholic School picnic which was a disaster!!  Brody ran and ran and ran all over the place and I know he was just doing it so I would chase him, but seriously I wasn't just going to let him run!  It was stressful so we left!  We had a birthday party to go to, which was a great time!!  Brody entertained himself and others and we got to catch up with some friends!

Sunday: I got up and made pancakes!!  I'm super picky about my pancakes....they have to be done, but still have to be white on the outside!  They turned out pretty damn good and I even made some mini M&M ones!  YUM!  Mom, Brody and I went to visit a new little baby....she is so tiny and so sweet!  I wanted some grilled chicken and Matt refused to be out in the heat to grill so I did! was about the best meal I ever make!!  Grilled BBQ chicken, grilled corn on the cob, some oven fried potatoes and sweet/sour cucumbers!! 


Scentsy Warmers *FOR SALE*

I really REALLY like the Scentsy warmers, but my house does not.....since I really don't have anywhere to put them out of Brody and the dogs way....I'm selling my warmers!  Let me know if your interested!
Mid Size Warmer Hatteras $15 (reg. $25)

Full Size Warmer Caldera $20 (reg. $30)

Mid Size Warmer Jadestone $15 (reg. $25)
Plug In Warmer $8 (reg. $15)
Full Size Warmer Boho Chic (Top is broken, you can get a replacement for $10) $10 (reg. $30)

Day 8

Here's a little update and all my BS excuses:

Day 1 started like THIS and ended with pulling weeds and swimming laps!
Day 2 I rested
Day 3 I did a 20 min Swiss Ball workout
Day 4 I did a 40 min Swiss Ball workout
Day 5 AM-really tired from the weekend; PM-I was on the phone working until 8:00 and was not happy (Matt bought be Rollo's and a Coke Zero to help me feel better)
Day 6 AM-I was tired from being up late the night before; PM-.....well I haven't worked out since Monday so......
Day 7 AM-Same as Day 6 PM; PM (shit I better do something I have to blog about my progress tomorrow) I did a Pilates Butt & Thigh workout and a Jillian Kettlebell workout
Day 8 AM-Jillian Yoga

Maybe I should keep you fools updated daily!!  =) 


Beauti Control-July Specials

Every month Beauti Control offers specials and I apologize for not notifying you sooner!!  Here are July's specials (all are based off availability and while supplies last) Sale ends on July 21st, so please let me know if you would like anything by Monday, July 18th

  • Select Skinlogics & Regeneration Products 20% 
  • Color Lip Perfecting Pencils: Chocolate, Mauve, Plum, Pink, Sienna, Raisin, Nude $8.50 each (reg. $11.00)
  • Spa Resurface Daily Resurfacing Serum $30.00 (reg. $40.00)
  • Regeneration Overnight Retinol Recovery Serum $32.50 (reg. $40.00)
  • Regeneration Retinol Recovery Eye Capsules $27.00 (reg. $36.00)
  • Regeneration Tight, Firm & Fill Moisture Masque $30.00 (reg. $40.00)
  • Thermal Facial Scrub $14.00 (reg. $20.00)
  • Spa Nourishing Eye Pads $12.50 ($18.00) 
  • Regeneration Tight, Firm & Fill Concealer: Light, Medium & Dark $12.00 each ($15.00)
  • Spa Collection Warming Trend Green Tea Therapy $16.00 (reg. $23.00)
  • All Eyeshadow Trios $14.00 (reg. $18.00)
  • And many more.....check out all the sales HERE
For more information on these and all of Beauti Control products check out the online CATALOG

Blogger Bunco

Have you ever played?  If not, have you ever wanted to try it?  Do you like winning stuff and hanging out with friends and eating?!?!? 

Let's have a Blogger Bunco Night!!!  What do you say?  Usually how Bunco works is that everyone puts in $10 and the winner can walk away with like $45 bucks (it's only happened to me once or twice) BUT....let's make a  twist on it?  Everyone brings a gift card to somewhere worth $10 and puts it in an envelope so the winners don't know where the gift card is for!  Fun, huh (it was my  =)  I know the summer can be very hectic, so why don't we plan a date in August......I'm litterly free every weekend in August! And I can host at my house if you want.

Email me ( if your interested then we can see if we need to get other players


4th of July Weekend

Friday: After I bitch and moaned and groaned every time I saw or heard someone getting off super early I finally got to leave work at 5:00 pm!  My mom and cousins were over enjoying my pool and they were SOOOO tried from SWIMMING all day that we ordered some Domino's (BTW if you haven't tried the Sweet Mango Habanero wings you are missing out....) !  Around 8:00 I decided to go pull some weeds and even tho the sun was down I still sweated my little butt off!!  So about 8:45 I deciced to put on my suit and swim some laps!  It felt amazing!!!

Saturday: I'm not sure if it was the Jillian No More Trouble Zone DVD that I did on Friday morning or the laps I swam....but I was sore as HELL!!!  My thighs, hamstrings and butt screamed every time I sat or stood up!! The dogs had grooming appts on Saturday morning (summer haircuts-YAY) so I dropped them off then we headed to George Weber to trade this in:

for this:

This trade in was NOT my idea....The Dodge was Matt's very first brand new vehicle ever and he pretty much got it exactly the way he wanted it!  But with a hefty payment and 17 MPG when he drives on average 2,000 miles a month was killing our budget.  I was sad, but he says he's ok with it!  We thought about going to the Air Show, but after Matt installed the car seat he rethought the idea of standing outside with other 100's of sweaty people-thank god!!  That night we had the Petryshyn's over and the 3 kids had a blast! (You'll have to check out the pictures on my FB page, but I forgot to email some to myself) 

Sunday: STILL SORE (the F'n new leaf is killing me)  It was pool party time.....UGH until mother nature had her way!  I dropped off Brody at my mom's for a sleep over in the morning then came home to help Matt get the yard ready!  Then it started to rain!  Then it wouldn't stop! Then I had to send the text out that maybe tomorrow will be a better day!  =(  So here we sit childless on a holiday weekend.... I thought about going to get Brody, but I knew my Mom and Dad were really counting on him to spend the night, so instead we went to Rural King, Babies R Us & Toys R Us!  BORING!  We did get to run into Eli, Jackie and Loreli and Babies R Us and Pepsi had a deal that with any transaction you got a bottle of Pepsi for .25!! But,  I hate not having Brody when we aren't doing anything....if we would have had the party I would not have thought about not having him, but since we were not doing anything it made me sad not having him.  Matt wanted to go see Transformers 3 and I was not feeling it....not even feeling sitting there zoning out munching on popcorn so he called his little sister to go with him.  I enjoyed a hot bath and did my nails and watched Blow (that movie never gets old to me!!)

Monday:  Happy 4th of July!  It was sunny and it stayed sunny!!  Matt went to pick up Brody and we went swimming until Brody got super tired and crabby!  My friend Kim came over and so did the Zieger's and we hung out pool side until around 6:00.  Then the Jackson's came over with little Brayden!!  He's so cute and tiny (I sure don't remember Brody being that little and Brody was 3 lb smaller!)  The dogs were outside and our neighbors set off a bunch of fireworks, but I really didn't think much of it.....before we left to see fireworks I figured I should bring the dogs in so they didn't freak out.  I opened the door and Reese came right in....but not Zoe!!  She got SOOO freaked out that she busted through the vinyl gate!  I had no idea how long she had been gone nor where to begin to look for her!!  I put on my sandels and Reese and I went looking for her....something told me to starting looking to the right of our house....we got to our neighbors and here she comes running from behind the bushes!!  We went uptown and watched the fireworks with Mom & Dad and Brody loved them!!  He would sign & say "more" when one was over!!!  It was a great 3 days off!!


Day 1

Day 1

This morning was day 1 of my new leaf life!  Not sure if I was THAT excited about getting a move on or what, but I woke up at 5:40 and laid there until my alarm when off at 6:00.  Then I went outside to water the plants and I started pulling weeds (did I ever mention that I have ADD) I had to stop myself or I would have tried to count doing yard work as a morning workout.  Next, I measured myself (that's how I"m going to keep track of the progress)  I measured my arms, waist, lower waist (aka pouch), hips and inner thighs (right where they touch. UGH.) total inches was 170.5 inches.  Then I did the Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones.....OMG, I thought I was going to die!!  But, it was a great workout!!  After that, Brody was up so we had breakfast together.  Fiber One and Oranges (BTW is it bad to eat the rind?  hope not, because he ate it)  My lunch and snacks today will be cottage cheese, leftover deer taco meat on rice crackers, baby carrots and hummus.  YUM!

I'll keep ya updated every Friday!  =)