Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke



I've had some *FAIL* moments lately .....

13.1 Sticker:
After my first half I thought "I'm going to be original and get a 13.1 sticker that no one has" so I googled 13.1 stickers and about a million popped up!  I chose this one in clear ... thinking this is really cute, different and it'll look like it's painted on!! The Sunday after the race, my nap and multiple pain meds I went to the car wash to wash my car so I could put that sticker on .... just to realize the print was too light on my tint. *FAIL*.  So, when I was at Big River Running to get my new shoes I picked another sticker up ... it was a round black one .... I wasn't thrilled, because I wanted a girly color, but I got it anyways. Since I still wasn't happy, I ordered yet another one on Amazon - it was pink and clear and it wasn't like one I see all the time! Well it came yesterday and even tho Matt told me "it's not going to show up on the tint" I went outside anyways in the the freezing cold I backed my car in the driveway and tried to take the clear one off - it won't come off - *FAIL*  to be continued .... I'm gonna get that clear one off and the clear pink one WILL show up!!

Brody's Bedding:
Poor Meagan and Jenny I've been going back and forth and back and forth over the new bedding for Brody's new room.  I picked this out right away, but check out the price tag!  $156 for a twin cover and sham .... not even a bed skirt!  I'm not going to even go into all the other ideas I had over this room .... so, Friday Matt helped me chose - "get the bedding" his email read.  So I did ... and that also came yesterday (it was like Christmas at my house) and I looked at the box (it was small).  Its only a twin I told myself .... (still small for a puffy comforter I thought).  I opened tore the box open it was folded pretty tight.  I opened the pillow sham (cute), then I started unfolding the comforter (or so I thought) then I noticed it had cute buttons on one end .... THEN I remembered reading "cover" in the description *FAIL* .... well S.O.B. .... now I need one of these (I mean I guess, right)!!

Pumpkin Seeds:
We finally carved our pumpkins last night .... I spent more time picking out all the seeds so I could roast them!  So I dried them out seasoning them with some dry ranch and seasoning salt and put them in the oven on about 300 degrees for 30 mins .... the timer went off and I took them off to give them a little shake shake and they didn't move .... I forgot to spray the pan *FAIL*.  So, I scraped them off and tossed them with some olive oil .... they ended up turning out delish!!!

So I don't feel like a total *FAIL*ure .... why don't you share some of your own *FAIL* moments (and don't say you don't have them ..... because we all do - some just more than others)



I wish these suckers weren't so pricy ..... those Marathonfoto people were everywhere!!

*1st* Half Marathon

Whelp .... I did it  (!!!) I ran my 1st Half Marathon and right at my goal time!!
Official Time of 2:30:52 and here's how the rest of it broke down:
5K - 35:10
10K - 1:09:31
10MI - 1:53:41
Pace - 11:31

Overall I was .... 6172 out of 9362
In my Division I was .... 737 out of 1132
By Gender I was ..... 3510 out of 6043

Not too shabby if I do say so myself .... those 13.1 miles was an end to a very long weekend!! 

let's rewind .... shall we?

Friday :
I had all good intentions of going to Aldi's for the first time on Friday until around 3:00 when my boss was like "wanna go to the game tonight?" now .... I'm not the biggest Cardinal fan out there,  but my sister is and I told Matt that if I was offered playoff tickets I was going to take them and take Emily since she has been so great training with me and he was fine with that.  So I immediately messaged Emily .... she was pumped and ready to go ..... there's no need for a reminder of how that game ended.

The plan was Expo to pick up our race packets and shopping ..... well due to the late night we were both super tired.  We went to the expo and it was so neat!  There were a ton of booths advertising for upcoming runs ... one of them are in VEGAS.AT NIGHT.ON THE STRIP (who's in?) so Elvis and some show girl was there ..... I think this was the Elivs high on drugs get up .... he was a mess! LOL

After the Expo we headed to the Mill's .... I'm not sure why I even go out there - I never have any luck.  We hit up Chili's and headed home!  I was beat, but I didn't nap.  Matt went hunting in the afternoon so while Brody's was napping I started organizing the spare bed room to make room for Brody's new room.  I was a bear .... It was combination of pure exhaustion, nerves and frustration and I took it out on everyone in my way (oops).  My alarm was set for 5am and when Matt went to set his for 6a he was like "my phone just told me it was only 7 hours away .... why aren't you in bed?!??!" I went to bed shortly after that and didn't move until my alarm went off at 5am. 

Sunday (RACE DAY):
My 10 week training had came to an end .... all 136 miles / 26.23 hours had came down to this day!!  I was terrified!!  A million things kept going through my head .... what if I don't do it in 2:30 like I want to - will I be pissed at myself?  what if I walk .... I SOOO don't want to walk one bit!!! why did I eat like a pig all week .... will that affect my run?  Sister 2 and the other RB Runners picked me up at 5:30a .... no turning back now!!

One of my biggest concerns was that Matt, Mom, Brian and Brody wouldn't make it to the stops along the way and they wouldn't take enough pictures .... but Matt was a rock star and navigated the group around 3 times!! 
Brody held his signs and even gave high fives to everyone!!

Once we hit 13 miles I knew the end was near so I grabbed Emma's hand and we hauled ass to the finish line!!  It was the best feeling in the world!!  We passed Kelly, Mom, Matt and Brody on the way cheering us on!! 

So here's the good, bad and ugly .....
I didn't walk once
I finished in my goal time

I wanted to walk
The hills sucks and the weather was a bit warm

My hip flexor bothered me on Saturday and it flaired back up during the run
I got a pretty bad blister (again)
My shoes were too tight and I could barely walk afterwards
My car flair doesn't show up on my car ..... boo

would I do it again .... well YES and actually I am in February in Disney! 

We never got a picture of the back of our shirts but it said ....

"Don't cry because it's over; Smile because it happened" - Dr Seuss


Brody is 3!!

Ahhh, yesterday couldn't have went more perfect!!  The food was great, the cake was amazing and the weather oh the weather ........ it was fabulous!!!  Brody's 3rd birthday party was exactly as I planned it!  Matt was a huge help and I only had one little fit! =)  The best conversation of the day went like this (during my tiny fit):
Matt: well if you weren't so particular it wouldn't be a big deal
Me: I'm not particular, I just want it to be perfect as possible


On to the vomit of pictures .....

Brody's pants were wet when he woke up and he didn't want to put any on afterwards so he didn't ...

He went outside in this get up too ... bahaha

A HUGE thank you to Jackie and her Cricut!!

He was having a BLAST helping me ... don't let that finger fool you!

"thanks for stoppin' by treat bags"
My favorite table of the day!
My mother in law got the cake from Gordon's Cakes in Sparta...amazing!!!

Lots of play time & presents galore!!!

The Dirt Bike!!
Some body was partied out ...... 

Thank you everyone for everything!!  We're so blessed to have such a wonderful family!!  I'm sooo looking forward to the terrible terrific threes!!