Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


Halloween 2 1/2 of 3

I titled this 2 1/2 of 3, because I forgot about tomorrow night....duh, actually Halloween!!  Today was the longest day of my life....trick or treating at our family's houses for 5 hours!  We fought with Brody at every stop to put the costume back on him.....I mean trick or treating during naptime-it was our fault!

We went to Matt's Dad and Stepmom's house first.  He had fallin asleep from Baldwin to Sparta and he was outside crying and screaming....."no mommy no mommy" when I was trying to put the costume on him.

Next stop Great Grandma and Grandpa's house....once again screaming outside!

Our next stop was at Matt' Mom's house in Red Bud.....which meant he fell asleep between Sparta and Red Bud....we put the costume on him when he was sleeping, but tried to wake him up and it didn't go so well in the beginning....poor kid!

Final stops was to my Mom's and her this time Brody was giving his candy away!  We ended the night there with some yummy veggie soup!

Halloween 2 of 3

As is what went on last night at our Halloween 2 of 3 celebration!  We went to the Schmidt's 2nd annual Halloween Party!  Their house was decorated so cute even made the paper!! Everyone dressed up and looked so good.  Matt won the costume contest...go Duffman!  So, the Duffman costume is a pretty popular costume....Matt ordered it twice online then is became "out of stock".  He finally got it at Party City, but they only had a few left!  (BTW: Duffman is from the Simpson' case you didn't know, it didn't)  My Minnie Mouse costume was hand made by my momma like 10 year's ago.  My sister and I used to work at daycare and she made some pretty great costumes!  Before I get to the pictures, which are always highlight of any blog post, 2 things from last night I'm not going to do again (1) drink a whole bottle of St Jame's wine by myself (headache) (2) not play flippy cup unless it's summertime.... (hello headache again)  I'm just so good at that game!  hehehe


John was Slipknot

Flippy winners!

some little guy who lives in the corner at Melissa's house


Brayen was a tiger....cute!!!


5 Years

(well since the World Series Post Game will last FOREVER.....I might as well blog!) 

Today marks 5 years of marriage for Matt and I!!  Wow, I can't believe it!!!  As everyone knows the Cardinals were in the same place 5 years my whole "wedding week" was full of "world series this" "world series that" PTL that they won on Friday after our Rehearsal Dinner and not on Saturday!  I was so scared that everyone would glued to the TV and NOT at our wedding!  Of course I laughed when Father Carl started our wedding like this "Last night we were cheering for the St Louis Cardinals and today we are cheering for Matthew and Sarah" 

We celebrated last night ...... and as soon as I got into the car I turned OFF the game and was so happy that where we sat at Drunkin Fish was NOT in eyes view of the big screen.  
Let me clear something up: It's not that I hate the Cardinals, I just think (like everything else in the sports world) enough is enough.....let it go, they are going to either win or lose-it shouldn't be the very first thing the news reports on!  (see I even put that little disclaimer in RED for you all) 
We had a great dinner!!  It was so nice to just relax and talk and not worry about Brody throwing plates or food or yelling....ah-and not to mention the kick-a** sushi rolls!  Yummy!!  After dinner we walked to the Casino to get dessert, but we were out of we just came back home.  Pretty low key.....but perfect for us! 

Since I wasn't aware of the blog world 5 years here are some pictures of that great day (gosh everyone looks so young....)!!!  Ahhhh, it was such a gorgeous Fall day!! 

Yep.....they were -----

It was SO muddy!!