Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke



So Friday I was off and did this and hung out with my family.  Then got some Papa Johns on the way home!!  Yummy BBQ Chicken pizza

Saturday I had to work from 11a-2p and on my way I got a speeding ticket!!  Grrr!!  Luckily my sister can help me out with this one!!  Matt worked on the pool (which is now full and filtering-oh yea) and Brody and I did laundry and got out summer clothes.  We ended the day with some Tropical Snow (Columbia's is great then have top and no top ones-brilliant)

Sunday was the 5k run at the Zoo.  The 5k that I wanted to push Brody in for the first time!!  *sign* I only made it 1 mile then Matt took over.  I was sooooo mad at myself!! Oh well....Brody had a great time.

The rest of the day Brody, Aunt Emmy and I shopped!!  Brody slept the entire time!!  Ahhhhh   Got my Panera Bread and Starbucks fix.  Then something amazing happened.....I actually made a dish (soup) and it was great!!!  I started off with a large can of Cream of Mushroom soup, then added 3 packages of Chicken Roman Noodles to it, a small can of Chicken broth, about 3 cups of water, and some big chunks of Portabella mushrooms!!


Down on the Farm

So yesterday my family from up north was home and my cousin brought Brady (who is 3 weeks older than Brody...Brady/Brody-it gets confusing) and we took the boys out to my Grandpa's farm to get some generation pictures.  The weather was great and the boys did awesome!!!  Of course, Kara from Bright Shot Photography did them-seriously people try her out, she is a rock star!!!  She took over 400 pictures and sent me a few last night!  I'm so excited how these 3 turned out I can't wait to see the others!!!



So I told you about my obsesstion about this:
and now I want to show you how GREAT it is!!!  Yesterday I put it on my arms and apparently forgot to put it on my legs....I noticed it when I went to run last night!  Opps!


Amazon Mom

This might be old news, but I found THIS on Friday.  It's Amazon, but if you sign up for Amazon Mom you get free shipping on everything!!!  p.s. you don't have to be a mom to sign up

Thought I would pass it along! =)

He's 19 months NOT 2...... why is he acting like his in his (terrible) 2's?!?!?!?

We need some help!  Brody is a acting out really bad!  He hits, yells, screams,pushes, spits, bites ..... (see what you have to look forward to, Cassie)  He mostly does it to me (well besides the smack a acrossed the face to my mom yesterday....Emma couldn't contain herself from laughing-at least she hid her face with a pillow).  He doesn't do it at fact when I dropped him off the other day he pushed the kids around him.  The teachers were like "he never does that here, EVER"  He used to do it at his old school too, but only when I was around.

So here's what we've been doing (which isn't working)
  • Time out (and following through with making him sit)
  • Acting like I'm crying.....actually on Saturday when he throw a metal tractors at me I was crying!!  It frickin' hurt SO bad!!  um, he laughed at me
  • Ingoring him
  • Redirecting him to books or another toy
  • Hitting him back
  • Biting him back
Any advice will be greatly appreciated, and "it's just a phase he'll grow out" it won't work!!  LOL

How did my sweet baby boy go from this .....
To this.....


STL Police Department

So, last November as soon as I started at my job a folder was left on my boss's porch titled "buzz walls" They had no idea who's it was or even who Buzz it seemed like the perfect project for the "new girl".  I called Richmond Heights and they stopped over just to tell me that they couldn't take it because it was found in the city.  (you might wonder why we just didn't throw it away then....there is so many personal documents in this folder we couldn't!  Old photos, army certification.....Buzz has to be someone grandfather or father and for those memories to be trashed made us so sad) So my boss said she would take it by at some point.  Well.....yesterday (yes 6 months later) I had to go downtown for some errands and was like I'm going to drop off Buzz!  First stop the Police Headquarters (after circling that place 5 times in the 100 degree heat and finally parked in a yellow area and said F-it let them give me a ticket), I explain the whole story and they guy was like "nope we can't take it, you have to take it to a Police Station"  There was an officer dropping off another officer and "I'm like can't I give it to him?"  "Well, I'm not sure if he'll take it or not...."  So, I stopped the officer told him the story and he was like "you have to take it to a Police Station and they will give you a blue card with instructions on what to do with it"  "I'm like so you guys won't even deal with it??  I'll probably just throw it away then because I don't have the time for it"  "He's like well whatever you want to do, but I suggest you at least shred the documents with his SSN on it".  I go back to the office bewildered on why the Police Department wouldn't take this stuff?!?!?  What if Buzz was a missing persons?  What if Buzz was in or a part of a crime?  So I called a friend (we'll call him Officer of the Year")  He's like they should have totally taken it....take it to the Police Station in the District that it was found in.  So I had to go that way anyways this morning so I took Buzz with me.  They wouldn't take it....they told me I had to take it to City Hall!  Ok fine.....I was going to be around downtown anyways so I would take it there.  After parking in a permit parking only spot I went into City Hall.  They won't take it either.  They told me I need to take it to a Police Station and talk to a Lieutenant to get justice done.  OK fine......So I go to yet another Police Station and parked in the police only lot..... and asked to talk to a Lieutenant in the 4th District.  So, a guy comes out and it like a Lieutenant is on his way, what do you need to talk to him about.  I explained the story AGAIN and he doesn't want to take it because it wasn't found in his District!!!  (At this point I'm pissed to the point of tears)  I'm like you don't even know who this guy is .... what if he's a missing persons or involved in a crime.  He didn't care.  He's like well your boss should have called the non emergency number when it was found and why are you worried about this now after 6 months.... I'm like this is unbelievable!!! Then he stared yelling at me....and was like it's not our district and she should have called.  I'm like she didn't know what to do with it!  Then I'm like whatever....don't yell at me!  I stormed out in tears!! 

I still can't believe this whole thing!  Aren't cops supposed to help people?!?!?  I'm just trying to do the right thing and they don't care!  So, Officer of the Year is coming to pick up Buzz today!

New Fav Song

So since I'm a HUGE channel surfer.....I found this on Joy FM!!  =)  LOVE IT!!! I know it's about the Lord, but I love it so much it's Matt's new ring tone!!



So, this morning at 3:00 am Matt's Brother, My Brother-In-Law and Brody's Godfather deployed with the US Army to Afghanistan!!  The day he signed his papers to enlist into the Army it was inevitable that he would be deployed, but I still can't believe the day finally came.  Tommy is the type of kid that  you always have to ask yourself if you can believe anything he says and is full of useless information!  I'm staying positive, but I'm not blinded by the truth!  Please add this special soldier to your thoughts and prayers for the next year!!


Mother's Day Wrap Up

So yesterday Matt and Brody really out did themselves with Mother's day!!  The day stared with Matt making Breakfast....I swear my plate was probably worth at least a 1500 calories: hash browns, ham, biscuits and gravy, egg beaters-YUM!   Then I got my gift:  2 great pictures frames and this card: (If Blogger wasn't so damn picky on photo sizes I could show you....GRRR) (on front): From your son. They say that giving birth kinda sucks. (Inside) But you've gotta admit I was worth it (no pain, no gain!  Thanks Mom)  So cute!!!! 
Next.....I cleaned the house and Matt washed my car for me (it hasn't been hand washed since I got it....almost a year ago)  Then, Matt tells me we have plans (I had my own plans for the day: do nothing, plant some flowers and go to Target, but I played along) and I have to be ready at noon.  OK....  So about 11:50 my mom and sister walk in (they were supposed to going shopping)  I'm like oh, we're leaving in about 10 mis......they were like oh ok!  I'm like are you guys going with us (they are both HORRIBLE lairs) Mom was like oh, well I don't know and Emma wouldn't look at me...... I'm like whatever you guys are, but now....where the heck are we going?!?!?!?  We head over to STL over the BJ bridge so I knew we weren't going to the we must be going to GRANTS FARM! Here's the goof ball on the way.  I put his glasses on him, but then he plays with them so I'm like put them on your face!!!  And that's how they end up......
Now, we weren't just going to Grant's Farm with my mom and sister we were going on a private Excursion!!!  First of all then moved cones for us to park in the front then we headed over to get our pictures taken with a Clydesdale!!  At first Brody was freaked out about it, but then he warmed up!!
Wow....nice frumpy skirt!!!           
After the stables we drove on by the huge ass line to our "private" bus!  We stopped by the cabin to have a tour....Matt seriously got over 7 splinters in his hand, just from sitting on those steps!
Next were the deer.....where we got to FEED them!!!
Then we stopped by to say hi to an Ostrich!

Then we fed some fish!
Finally the buffalo!  They fed then, but I didn't want to....gross!!
The bus dropped up off by the goats where they were full!  Which might have been good, but I love feeding them with baby bottles!  =(  Brody loved them....he would pet them, then chase them, then try to step on the ones who were passed due to milk overload!!

Since we were near Gravois we went to Target, Lowes and of course Starbucks!!!  Brody was seriously passed out like a light before we even left the parking lot of Grant's they dropped me off at the door at Target.  The night before I printed out a bunch of diaper coupons and saved $10.50 on my whole purchase!!  Then I was dropped off at Lowes to get some flowers.  Well I'm a tight ass and wasn't going to spend $6 on 1 day lilly since I needed 7 of them (I knew HomeDepot had them cheaper)!!  So, I call see where he was at and he was over getting me a Starbucks!  He even got me a light blend (bless his heart).  We headed home with no flowers, which was OK since I wasn't in the mood for them.  After being at home for a bit, I decided I wanted flowers!!  So we packed back up and went to Ace-Closed, Nursery in Columbia-Closed.....I guess we're going BACK to STL to HomeDepot!!  =)  I got the flowers, but didn't plant them.....
I think the best part of yesterday was that Matt actually planned something for us to do and his outstanding patience with me!

I love my boys!!!

NY&Co Belts

So a few weeks ago my friend and I went shopping at NY&Co and I got this (the purple one):

I thought it was super cute and great for spring!!  Well I was doesn't have a bucket on it and it just had a hole and a little metal thing to keep it together.....not great when your chasing around a toddler or BREATHING!  He kept coming undo ALL.DAY.LONG.  I was PISSED!  So I returned it and got this in Pink:
It was pretty similar as far as the closure, but it had a loop, so I figured it was stay together....nope!!  I'm wearing it today and when I was wrestling with Brody to put him in his car seat it came undone...when I walked into his school it came undone, and when I tried to leave him with his teacher it CAME UNDONE!!  Completely furious!!!  At least the loop keeps it from fall off and people thinking "gosh she should lay off the Doritos."


Rules of the Road By: Me

I'm not a perfect driver....I speed, radio search, take calls, yell at other drivers, (try not to text anymore), BUT I've never gotten into an accident that was my fault and have only had 1 speeding ticket.  Here are some things that I feel that every 16 year old should follow:

Fast Lane: Only for cars that are traveling up to 20 over the speed limit.  If you are being tailgated in the fast lane and you are going about 20 over you do not have to get over!  It's the other person is going way too fast!

Sitting in Traffic: Don't be Mr Nice Guy and let everyone and their frickin uncle in front of you!  Have a one person rule and don't feel bad if little 'ole granny gives you the puppy dog look because you won't let her've done your part!!

Merging: When driving on a multi lane road and someone turns on their blinker.....ask yourself do they NEED to get over or do they WANT to get over.  Sometimes they just want to get in front of you because they made a bad decision to get behind someone slow....not your fault-don't let them in front of you!  If you feel that they just want to get don't have to let them-ask yourself this "Do I get everything I want".....??

Brody's Gift

Ok, so you remember how I told you I can't keep anything until the day of.....well no change for Mother's Day either.  All the Mother's and Grandmother's in our lives already have their card and gift that Brody "made" for them.  Here is it....Brody magnets!!!  (Aunt Emmy got one because Emmy is Brody new fav word)


Ahhhh, Monday!

It was a great weekend!!  We didn't have any plans (which rarely happens), so we just hung out as a little family allllll weekend!! 

Friday we went to South County for some errands and Matt got to experience how Brody does not like to sit in the cart anymore!!  As Brody and were meeting up with Matt in the Mall I realized that the escalator was I had to walk into Sears and use the elevator....I was pretty annoyed by it since I was carrying a 25 lb kid, so I was huffing and puffing.....and guess who was mocking me.  I was so funny!!!
Saturday we got Brody a hair cut, we swung by the park and did some yard work.  That night I meant some old coworkers in the CWE for dinner and (much needed) drinks and Brody got to go to Hooters for the 1st time with Daddy!
He didn't want to leave the park.....
Yesterday we went to breakfast, Wal Mart and Rural lots of stuff that we didn't need and nothing that we really needed.  The chicks are still at Rural King and if you stand on the right side the smell doesn't make you gag!!  Brody almost "hugged" the head off one of them! I got my Mother's Day gifts (for the Grandmas) done and I can't wait to show you.....but my mom reads my blog, so you'll have to wait until they all get 'em!  They are going to be so stickin cute tho!