Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


Mother's Day Wrap Up

So yesterday Matt and Brody really out did themselves with Mother's day!!  The day stared with Matt making Breakfast....I swear my plate was probably worth at least a 1500 calories: hash browns, ham, biscuits and gravy, egg beaters-YUM!   Then I got my gift:  2 great pictures frames and this card: (If Blogger wasn't so damn picky on photo sizes I could show you....GRRR) (on front): From your son. They say that giving birth kinda sucks. (Inside) But you've gotta admit I was worth it (no pain, no gain!  Thanks Mom)  So cute!!!! 
Next.....I cleaned the house and Matt washed my car for me (it hasn't been hand washed since I got it....almost a year ago)  Then, Matt tells me we have plans (I had my own plans for the day: do nothing, plant some flowers and go to Target, but I played along) and I have to be ready at noon.  OK....  So about 11:50 my mom and sister walk in (they were supposed to going shopping)  I'm like oh, we're leaving in about 10 mis......they were like oh ok!  I'm like are you guys going with us (they are both HORRIBLE lairs) Mom was like oh, well I don't know and Emma wouldn't look at me...... I'm like whatever you guys are, but now....where the heck are we going?!?!?!?  We head over to STL over the BJ bridge so I knew we weren't going to the we must be going to GRANTS FARM! Here's the goof ball on the way.  I put his glasses on him, but then he plays with them so I'm like put them on your face!!!  And that's how they end up......
Now, we weren't just going to Grant's Farm with my mom and sister we were going on a private Excursion!!!  First of all then moved cones for us to park in the front then we headed over to get our pictures taken with a Clydesdale!!  At first Brody was freaked out about it, but then he warmed up!!
Wow....nice frumpy skirt!!!           
After the stables we drove on by the huge ass line to our "private" bus!  We stopped by the cabin to have a tour....Matt seriously got over 7 splinters in his hand, just from sitting on those steps!
Next were the deer.....where we got to FEED them!!!
Then we stopped by to say hi to an Ostrich!

Then we fed some fish!
Finally the buffalo!  They fed then, but I didn't want to....gross!!
The bus dropped up off by the goats where they were full!  Which might have been good, but I love feeding them with baby bottles!  =(  Brody loved them....he would pet them, then chase them, then try to step on the ones who were passed due to milk overload!!

Since we were near Gravois we went to Target, Lowes and of course Starbucks!!!  Brody was seriously passed out like a light before we even left the parking lot of Grant's they dropped me off at the door at Target.  The night before I printed out a bunch of diaper coupons and saved $10.50 on my whole purchase!!  Then I was dropped off at Lowes to get some flowers.  Well I'm a tight ass and wasn't going to spend $6 on 1 day lilly since I needed 7 of them (I knew HomeDepot had them cheaper)!!  So, I call see where he was at and he was over getting me a Starbucks!  He even got me a light blend (bless his heart).  We headed home with no flowers, which was OK since I wasn't in the mood for them.  After being at home for a bit, I decided I wanted flowers!!  So we packed back up and went to Ace-Closed, Nursery in Columbia-Closed.....I guess we're going BACK to STL to HomeDepot!!  =)  I got the flowers, but didn't plant them.....
I think the best part of yesterday was that Matt actually planned something for us to do and his outstanding patience with me!

I love my boys!!!


Sarah said...

I loooove the card, too adorable & halirious :)

A private tour of Grants Farm?! How in the heck to you get to do that?! SO cool!! What a good hubby!!!!

sblind2 said...

He found it online! It was like $230, but it could have been for up to 12 ppl-so worth it. I already told him we're doing it again for Brody's like 5th birthday! I did feel pretty special when I was feeding the deer the the "regular" people were on the tram!