Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


Ring a Ding Ding

I know it's early, but Heather did hers already-so it's OKAY! =)
  1. Run the whole thing:  I sign up and participate in about 5 races every year and besides the Santa Hustle a few weeks back, I haven't ran the whole race since the Halloween 10k in October 2010!!  This year....I'm going to run the whole race - every race!
  2. Pre Brody Weight: I'm a big slacker....I'm the first to admit it-I really don't like to exercise and still like to snack and shitty like I did when I was 17!!! But, this year I'm going to get down or below the weight I was when I got pregnant with Brody.  Just for the record....that's 10 + or - pounds.
  3. Better Mother and Wife: I really hate to confess this (its not even Friday) but sometimes I act like Kate Gosslin.  I freak out over messes and when things don't go as planned, so this year I'm really REALLY going to try to be a little calmer.  This by far is going to be the hardest one for me!
  4. Baby #2: I'm going to THINK about getting off the pill (FYI: it'll probably be way later in probably November-ish).
  5. Potty Training: well, duh.....yes I'm already this, but Mr. Brody isn't!  He will be in 2012 though!
  6. J.O.B.: My goal is to find another job that I absolutely love - like when I was at WCG (if that is possible)
What are some of your 2012 goals?


Holiday Family Photos

Every year (like probably everyone else) I want a family picture by the tree.  This year I especially wanted a great one because my mother in law was going to use it for her Christmas card (she was going to have all the kids take a photo by their tree then put them all on her card-cute, right)  I'm not exactly sure why I thought this year was going to be easy breezy....because NONE of them have been's some of the past ones that took  forever to get the perfect shot:

So Thursday I had my mom and dad come over to take the Christmas photo......holy moly!!!

I was the "model" to get our new (to us) camera on the right setting

Um, ok....Brody's NOT in the mood

Fine stand by daddy.....

Ok.....just mommy and daddy will take the picture


WOW, I didn't even realize this one turned out so good!

Our true feelings of the night.....

......and Brody's true feelings....bahahaha

PERFECT....oh wait-MOM.....our head's are cut off!!!!

We bribed him with EVERYTHING!

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We ended the 2 hour attempt with throwing kisses to mommy!!!



I confess that I'm super bummed and feel like the black sheep of the Blogger Family because I haven't had time to (a) keep up with your blogs and (b) post any new ones of my own.....and I don't see any free time in my near future!  Sorry gals....please don't disown me!

I confess that once again and could care less about Albert leaving the Cardinals!!  Put it to rest people!  Honestly I probably wouldn't even notice him if he walked by me - I didn't notice Kurt Warner when he walked past me on Delmar one night!

I confess that I've feel off that damn wagon again....the diet/workout wagon that is!  Monday was the day I was going to start P90X and finish it and be in amazing shape by my 31st birthday!  Well that lasted 2 days!!  UGH!

I confess that Matt is buying so much more for Brody for Christmas that I am.  I mean really....he's 2, he practically just had a birthday, I pretty much get him a little something anytime I go anywhere!  The most recent purchase was this .... it looks pretty cool, but we didn't have a Kinet, so we had to get one of those!  At least now I can have some dance parties with the BEP's!!

I confess that I'm a sucker for sad songs....hence the song I posted on Facebook this week!  It made my tear up like no tomorrow, but I still LOVED it!!!  Until I google'd it I didn't know Martina McBride sang it....she is just gorgeous it makes me ill!

Ladies and Gents I promise I'm going to blog about me and Emma's trip to Chicago and last night's failed attempt to take family pictures by the tree!!!