Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke



Head's up....these are some strange ones, but I have to get them off my chest!

I confess that I want to start talking like the Jersey Shore peeps!  Last night when we went to bed I asked Matt if he wanted to smuch!! He laughed because you know why......he's more into the show than I am!!  And obvi he knew what that meant! 

I confess and I woke up around 4am and had to close the window then laid there thinking of everything that could go wrong the weather to someone else having my pavilion at the park to finding someone dead in my pavilion and I had to go somewhere else because it was considered a crime scene....I warned you guys-strange!

I confess that I haven't worked out or even went on a walk since last Sunday AND that I've been snacking every night around 9:30. Since Brody is sleeping by that time it feels like my down time and popcorn and cheesy puffs seem to go well with that.

I confess that I feel super SUPER strange looking at Brody's stuff when he's just that I'm SO excited and want to see it, but feel weird for staring.

I confess that I'm WAY more excited about this birthday party than I was about his 1st....because this time he (kind of) knows what's going on!!  And man oh man when he sees that tractor I just might loose it and bawl!  He's going to love it!!


"I Pee"

I must start out by saying........"I'm sorry, Brody for posting the below pictures of you on the toilet.  I'm just beyond excited"

So, has you probably saw on Facebook when I got home on Tuesday I saw this on Brody's daily sheet:

Here's how the conversation went in the kitchen:

Me: (when I saw the daily) gasp.....
Matt: I know I saw it
Me: OMG, Brody I'm soo soooo excited for you!!  ( had huge tears in my eyes)
Matt: why are you crying?
Me: well I just wanted to be there for the FIRST time he peed on the potty
Matt: I don't care who the hell potty trains him....I'm just sick of wiping his a** and cleaning up his sh*t
(WOW.....I have a sensitive one there, ladies!!)

So after supper we encouraged Brody to go was hilarious!! (again, sorry Brod)

"mommy out, daddy out.....i pee!!!
So he sat there and kept saying "i pee", but never did....then kept flushing the toilet which drove me crazy, but at least he was showing interest!! 

BUT......last night he DID pee!  Matt was changing him and he said "i pee" so we sat him on the toilet and he went!  He would stop then go again and say "more pee"  Matt and I were both so SO excited for him and did a little dance in the bathroom with him! 

Crockpot Potato Soup

I copied this recipe from Ashley......and made it for my supper date with Sarah on Monday.

I'm not going to lie it does not look very good at the beginning:

I let it cook all day and Matt put in the cream cheese and some green onion when he got home and YUMMMMY.......

Brody decided to put some crackies and cheese on his


Brody's birthday week.....

This is Brody's last week being 1!  It's sad...I'm not sure how in the world time went by so fast!  I seems like just yesterday he was like this

But everyone grows up, right!  So I'll wipe away the tear and move forward with Brody's BIRTHDAY WEEK!!  Yesterday Matt and I put together his present from us!  I can't wait to let him see it!!

Yes, I wore my Mutt & Me shirt all day yesterday

It's under here until Saturday!!

Mutt & Me 5k

Sunday me, Tommy, Brody, Melissa, Oliva, Zoe and Reese walked in the Monroe County 2nd annual Mutt & Me 5k.  It was a chilly morning and I thought it started at 8, but it really started at 9, so we were a little early!   Brody had a rough night the night before and was up 3 times and finally up for good around 6, so he was in rare form!  Around 8:45 I had my phone in my hand thinking about calling Matt to come get him.....ugh, I toughed it out though!  It was a 5k walk/run & a 1 mile fun walk.  We did something in the middle and made our own 2 miles path!  It was a lot of fun!  Here are some pics!



Sorry for the MIA-ness's been crazy at work and busy in the evenings!  Nothing too too exciting except this....

Thursday, September 22nd

I had a Happy Hour scheduled with Emily and Ms. "we went to SLU and don't spit" (sorry.....I had too) and when I came home Matt was changing Brody and said "this is a total mess"  I looked at the diaper and it wasn't that bad, so I was confused then he explained what happened while I was sipping on 1/2 priced margs and stuffing my face with 1/2 priced appetizers.  Matt was on the couch and Brody was playing in his room (....a 2 yr old in his room alone for more than 5 secs....humm)  Matt said he got really quiet for a while so he went to check on him and found this:

Of coarse he was quiet and playing so nicely, because he was getting into this:

BAHAHAHAHA....(only because I didn't have to clean it up)

It actually all came out and he didn't get is completely everywhere.  Notice his nice furry shirt-yep it was caked with Vaseline!  I washed it on with lots of soap and hot water and beach towels and it all came out


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Wild Weekend!

This was by far one of the busiest weekends we had a in a long time!!!  Here's how it played out!

Friday: My mom stayed with Brody all day because of his fever on Thursday and the daycares 24-hour policy.  He was fine all day and only ran about a 99 temp....not sure what the heck was going on on Thursday!  We ordered some pizza and had supper with Gramy.  Then, like every Friday night, I cleaned!  boring.....i know, but I LOVE it!!  It really does relax me!

Saturday:  The whole house was up by 6:30 am.  I ran 4 miles with Emily and Nani, then headed home and those crazy fools pushed out another 4 miles....I stuffed Brody's party invites then realized that I hadn't painted his wooden #2 for his birthday pictures on the 17th.  So I did that....then we headed over to STL to pick up our race packets then off to Monkey Joe's for Davis's 4th birthday party!  I was excited that it was there because I've been wanting to take Brody!!  He loved it!!

I think his favorite was the big slide....he even climbed up all by himself!!

The last time he went up there he sat at the time and wouldn't come down....he would take 1 sock off then throw it down then the 2nd...lil shit!  When he finally did decide to come down he did a total nose dive!!!  He didn't get hurt nor did he cry, so it's ok to laugh!

Happy 4th Birthday Davis!!

Next stop was to Jackson's for his 30th birthday party!  We didn't stay long because Brody was acting a fool and was getting way too close to the pool  and it was freaking me out!!  He had a great time running around with Keegan and Olivia!! 

Look at that attitude from Minnie!!

Matt's brother was in town for the race so he stayed the night and Brody loved hanging out with his Uncle JR!

Sunday: Up at 6:30 am AGAIN.....we went to our 1st 9/11 Heroes Run.  It was for the fallen soldiers, police and firefighters of 9/11.  It was such a great way to start the day!!   Emily ran half of it pushing Brody and JR blew his time and finished in like 24 mins!!  The Marines started the race in formation and chanted the whole time....I never got close enough to them to hear what they were saying, but Matt was behind them for a while and he said it was pretty cool! 


Labor Day Weekend

Ahhhh, sometimes long holiday weekends don't seem long, but this one sure did!!  Here's what we were up to:

Friday: I got off early and got to pick up Brody from school then we made a quick trip to the Market Place.  I swear....I wish all of those damn shopping carts with trucks in the front of them would all blow away.....I hate them!  Maybe it because I told myself I would NEVER push one, but Brody throws a huge stinkin fit if there is one there and he's not in it.  ugh Next thing you know I'll be driving a mini van....another thing I told myself I'll never do!  Anyways....we got home and I made a yummy dinner for the family.  Then I felt a cold coming on so I hit the sack early!

Saturday: Matt and Brody went to get haircuts and I cleaned.  We went boating with the Jackson's and my mom kept the boys!  She said Brody did so good with the baby! =)

Sunday: Brody, my mom and I headed to Rushville, IL (about an hour north of Springfield) for Brady's 2nd birthday party!  Brady and Brody are 3 weeks apart and me and Stefanie are 6 weeks apart....pretty cool, but we decided baby #2 will not be one vowel gets so confusing when the 2 boys are together!  Brody did pretty well on the started off with him spitting.  Mom and I ignored him.  I tried distracting him with some music....well that just led him to spit with the tune of the song.  I of course that made mom and I bust a gut, because he was actually keep with the beat....joys of having a boy!!   I knew Brady was getting a new 4-wheeler for his birthday so I brought Brody's with us.  We know Brody is too big for his, but we just can't decide which one to get him, so it was good he got to try this one out.

Sunday: we headed home and I was not feeling good at all and was super tried after sleeping with a little boy to flipped and flopped around like a dead fish ALL.NIGHT.LONG.  I took a nap for about 2 hours and Matt and Brody played outside and washed my car!  So like I said earlier we're still deciding on what to get Brody for his birthday....we tried to have him decide, but he was no help

It's between this and this ......