Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


3 year old pictures

On Sunday November 4th we went to Bee Tree Park and had Kara with Bright Shot Photography take Brody's 3 year old pictures ..... we wanted to get some pictures with Grandpa so the rest of my family joined us for some shots.  This was the day where Brody decided to be 110% all boy and not cooperate.  I think at one point I said to Matt (on the edge of tears) "I think we should just get another puppy instead of having another baby .... I can't do this" .... but of course I knew that Kara would some how get some great shots and she did!!  Below are the proofs - enjoy! 

password is Blind2012 (case sensitive)


Happy 29th Birthday!!

I'm going to dedicate today's post to this birthday girl .... my sister Emily!!

29 years ago she stole my thunder came into my life!  We are 2 1/2 years apart so I don't remember too much about her when she was a baby ...... 

.... but I do remember playing and fighting with her a lot with her and always being close!
We, of course, were each other maid/matron of honors in our weddings.
She was there when Brody was born and is his godmother .....
I'm extremely proud of all of her fitness accomplishments!!
We've had our ups and downs and still do, but nothing will ever change that she's my little sister and love her very much!!
On to some fun facts:
  • she used to suck her thumb and had to wear a sock on it at bedtime
  • we used to play church and ride our bikes up to Handee Mart to get these to use as the host
  • we shared a room our whole life
  • she has her Bach Degree from Hickey and everytime she does or says something dumb I always say "there goes that Hickey college down the drain"
  • when she used to work at Stumpf Homes she sounded like a robot when she answered the phone
  • when her and Brian first got together she wrote "Brain's Birthday" on her calendar .... we sometimes call him brain for shits and giggles
  • in High School she dyed her hair black and no box color would fix it .... mom made her get her hair stripped before she would pay for one Senior Picture



Ever since Cassie posted this I wanted to get ahold of some old Halloween pics of Emma and I .... well I didn't do a lot of digging (hence why there are only 4 of them), but here you go ....

Our Halloween celebration started last Friday with Truck or Treat at our Church / Brody's Day Care.

Then on Sunday we Trick or Treated at our family's houses in Red Bud and Sparta.

We continued the holiday with carving our pumpkins on Monday.  Matt carved his a few weeks ago and entered it into a Ducks Unlimited Contest .... he got Honorable Mention, but it was no where near the winner's design! 

Halloween is apparently a big deal at my work .... around 10:30 everyone got into costume and paraded around it was GREAT!!

Ahhhh, finally Halloween Night!!  We started off great "trick or treat" the Hulk would say .... followed by "thank you".  Then just like that he was done .... it was to the point where we would go up to houses and they would ask him if he wanted candy and he would say "no".  We were home by 7:30p which was fine, because he got way too much candy and still had a great time.