Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke



So I know I'm a big fat Blog Slacker lately, so today is going to be a catch all kind of day!

* I learned on Wednesday that a) I'm a hypocrite b) can no longer tan in tanning beds.... let me explain:  Those girls in the place I tan at are little brats.  They are all super tan and not friendly to the older crowd aka ME. I went in there one time and she gave me a coupon for lotions and packages.  I kindly took it and looked at the expiration date and very nicely said "you know I'm not going to use it so you can keep it for someone".  Her reply, "you have moisturizer, and accelerator?" "Yes I do" "And you want to just stay in Level 1 bed" "Yes I do" My god....I wanted to say, the only reason I'm in here is because there was  Groupon!!  ugh.  So the next time I went in there one of the most non-friendliness girls was smoking right outside the door.  How in the world can I be a hypocrite about that when I used to smoke?!?!? She was outside puffing away chatting on her cell and was like "I gotta go I have people coming in" Geez, sorry I'm coming in and giving the place you work for business so you can afford your cigarettes!  After I left that session I looked in the mirror and I had sun spots all over my face....I reminder to myself that I'm old and get sun spots now!!

* Last night I ordered some of Brody's new pictures from snapfish and got one hell of a deal!  First I had 50 free prints because my Father In Law created an account with my invitation!  Then since I wanted more of a great deal I Googled snapfish coupons and found a 20% off coupon.  So I got 51 4x6's, 11 5x7's, 6 8x10's and 1 11x14 for a whopping $35!!

* I swear the week after I turned 30 I got a free subscription to RedBook in the mail! At first I'm like WTF (my mom used to get that)?!?!?  But now I like it and renewed it!  =) How did I got from Cosmo and Glamor to RedBook?!?!?

* So at my job I have to do quite a few personal errands for my boss.  Some people might be like ... "omg really?!?!"  I don't mind it one bit!  Like this morning I had to run by their house on my way into the office.....great for me because there is a drive thru Starbucks literally on my way AND when I go past the brewery usually the Clydesdales are's a great way to start off a Friday!

* This weekend is going to be GREAT!!!  why you ask....because I have NO PLANS (besides Saturday night for dinner).  I only have 2 things on my agenda.....clean the inside of my car and get the flowers figured out!  Ahhhh

* Today is Brody's last day at his Daycare because Monday he starts at a Church one.  So, I wanted to bring a little something in for the teachers and his friends.  Of course I wanted to get a personalized cookie cake and I of course dropped the ball and didn't order it until um, yesterday at 5:00pm.  It was a simple order I will miss you in green and blue and make some of the letters backwards so it looks like a kids wrote it.  They said they would have it ready by 6:00-PERFECT.  Perfect until I went to pick it up!!  OMG it looked like shit AND I said backwards....NOT upside down!  She put a "!" in the word miss.....  I'm totally not one to complain....I hate doing it because I don't like to be called out when I mess up at my job.  But I'm it was bad.  I told her that I was hoping for more she tried to fix it (it looked worse) .... finally I'm like "I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to get something else."  donut holes it was.....



Can someone please tell me what Etsy is?  I'm looking for a personalized water bottle for Brody and found this site.  It looks super cute!!

Truthful Tuesday!

The truth is ......

....... it pisses me off when people change plans on me, however I'm just as guilty!

....... I hate RAIN more than ice and snow!! 

...... I had to go to the DMV on Saturday with Brody to renew my licenses and guess what....according to the State of IL I still weigh 125!  Oh Yea!!  AND they weren't bitchy!

...... I miss the Kardashians.  I mean I still have Khloe and Lamar.....


I know I'm late on my Mommy Monday, but it was going to be about Easter anyways.....

So we get up on Sunday and give Brody his Easter basket (which wasn't anything really).  Him and I shared some Pez and had waffles with Nutella and strawberries on it. YUM!  We head to 10:00 mass....but it was really at 10:30! ugh, now what!?!?  We go by the Catholic Church and that service started at 9:00!  Oh well why not burn up some $4.00 per gallon gas and drive around. We haven't been as faithful at going to church as we should so we were both wonder how Brody would be.  Well let's just say he was good for the first half and when Matt went up for communion he's like "I'll meet you in the car"

Our first stop was at the Goetting's.  Brody has a great time chasing Macy with the golf caddy, but someone accidentally sat on his hand when it was time for all the great grandkids to sit in front of the fireplace.....
Someone sat on his hand......
Still pouting about getting his hand sat on
Next stop....Sparta!
Chloe couldn't wait to drive her Barbie Jeep around and Brody wanted to ride along.

Make sure you buckle him, Mom!

The ride was went great until then came around the house.....

I still wish I knew what Chloe did when he started screaming!!!

Finally a break in the weather to hunt eggs!!!

Still kind of clueless about the whole Egg Hunting....


Wondering Minds...

So a few months back I ran into someone I went to High School with (we'll call him Clayton, since that's where he lives now)  Here's how our the conversation went which makes me wonder....
Clayton: So's how's your little guy
Me: great!
Clayton: How old is he now?
Me: 13 months
Clayton: when do parents stop counting their kids age in months?  He's going to be playing football in High School and your going to say....Look at johnny he's almost 192 months old.
Me: (laughing), Um I don't know
When do you stop counting the months??

I wonder if I'll ever be that Mom who can spell like super fast so Brody doesn't catch on.  I really doubt it because last summer when Brody was at Children's for a minor procedure the nurse was going over stuff with us and I was lost! 
Nurse: so has he had any w-a-t-e-r or m-i-l-k since Midnight
Me: no
Nurse: when he gets out they will offer him some j-u-i-c-e
(I mean she was rattling it off)
After she left Matt's like do you even know what she said.....I'm like NOOOOO (I thought it was medical terms or something)


Early Easter

I'm horrible at keeping gifts until the holiday or event!  I get so excited about my selection that I want to share it right away!  Well I get that naturally, because my mom got Brody this for Easter and dropped it by our house last night!!  Since it was like a million degrees upstairs and it was storming we (Matt) decide to get that puppy assemble....Brody helped.

It was pretty simple to assemble......

Whatever Wednesday!

So I don't have that much going on that I want to give the "W" to, but here are a few......

My Scale!  It pissed me off on Monday do I hid in the closet with the Costco supply of toilet paper.  I felt lighter yesterday so I looked for it on the side of cabinet, but then I remember it lied to me the day in the closet it will stay!

Ordering Online esp from Old Navy.  Free shipping-Great!!  But, waiting over a week to received it-No Thanks!  I ordered on the 13th and per the online FedEx tracking it was supposed to be in my hot little hands by tomorrow.....negative-the 22nd now!!! 

Perennials that don't come back up!  Good thing I saved all of the tags and receipts from last May's landscaping project....but now I have to dig up roots and take them into Home Depot so they can give me my $4 back.  They could have just popped back through the rocks....the other ones did!

Go ahead....spill what you want to say WHATEVER to! 


Truthful Tuesday!

The truth is......

that Matt and I have a bet....That I can't quit Facebook and he can't quit chewing.  Honestly I don't miss FB that much at all.  I do find myself checking my phone and if I don't have any emails, I think well now what I'm I going to check.....

that when I clean Brody up from a meal I wipe it all on the floor and call the dogs in.  Seriously do not know how I would do it without them.

that I have ordered and returned 3 different orders from Victoria Secrets and only have 1 full suit.

that Brody usually has a gram cracker for breakfast while watching Nick Jr......the kid likes his "crack-ies"

that this morning I watched the Jillian DVD Level 2 and was like way!  But, I did do another workout DVD

that I'm getting bored with Army Wives.  Nothing is really happening that makes me tear up

What do you want to tell the truth about?? 


Mommy Monday Part 2!

Brody's new video just posted!! 

Mommy Monday!

New 18 month Pictures:

Shout out to Bright Shot Photography .....Brody's 18 month pictures are up!!  Email me for the password. sorry....I miss my Facebook privacy permissions! 

Toy Box:

I got Brody a new toybox this weekend because the cube wasn't doing it anymore and plus my cousin was selling this for a steal! 
Saturday we were just hanging out and Brody noticed his old toy box was empty....At first he as was hamming it up, then he decided to rock in it (I was waiting for him to tip it over, but he never did) then he tried to lay in there.  I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!

Vintage Pictures at School:

So last year Brody's School had someone come in and take Vintage Pictures.  They turned out SO CUTE!! 
Well not this year....Thank god I got a free 8x10 just for viewing them!!  Seriously this was the only one he half ass grinned on.

New Fold Up Chair:

 My Mom and I went shopping yesterday and they had these super cute kid fold up chairs.  So Brody got one for Easter!  He loves it!  He sat in it while eating Breakfast this morning as his sisters hawked him.


Breaking up is hard to do....

.....Don't take your love away from me
Don't you leave my heart in misery
If you go then I'll be blue
'Cause breaking up his hard to do

Remember when you held me tight
And you kissed me all through the night
Think of all that we've been through
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

They say that breaking up is hard to do
Now I know, I know that it's true
Don't say that this is the end
Instead of breaking up I wish that we were making up again

I beg of you, don't say goodbye
Can't we give our love another try
Come on baby, let's start a new
'Cause breaking up is hard to do

Now that you have THAT song is in your head!

So today is Friday the big day where I break up with Facebook!  I have mixed feelings about this break up since it's been a relationship of almost 5 years!  But it takes time (time I could be doing a thousand other things) to update your profile plus see what's new with your friends and seriously almost every conversation between Matt and I have been...."Oh guess what (Matt interrupts...did you see this on Facebook) yessss"  That can't be a healthy relationship.  So that's it.  At 10:00 pm I'm pulling the plug, kickin it to the curb and saying toot-a-loo to my Facebook account!

But there are great things to come....I've started thinking of some weekly topics so here's a sneak peek.

Mommy Mondays!  Monday's I'll share pictures of Brody and gloat and complain about how hard it is sometimes to be a Mommy!

Truthful Tuesdays!  Tuesdays I'll share all my bad habits!!

Whatever Wednesdays!!  This I know is going to be my favorite day to Blog.  Wednesdays I'm going to share everything that I'm just going to say "whatever" to!!

Thursdays and Fridays are still in the works! 

Have a great weekend and Facebook friends, please bookmark my blog! 


Beauti Control

So in case you didn't know this about me....I'm a Beauti Control Consultant.  I started using BC when I couldn't afford this anymore....
I LOVED Arbonne, but it was pricey!! 

Beauti Control I think is just as good and about half the price!  They have skin lines from 20's to 50's, acne line, sensitive line, (my fav).....Anti Aging products, makeup, Men's products, !!  This is my hands down favorite!!
Micro takes that dead layer of skin off your face!  

If you want to learn more about Beauti Control let me know!  =)


Phone Pictures That I Never Posted on FB

Soooooo, I hit a wall in the road.....already (this can't be good)!  I've gotten so many complaints from people on Facebook about how people will miss my pictures....SO since I was "wordless"  and Cassie  has Wordless Wednesdays I figured I'd go through my phone for pictures that I never posted on Facebook....Enjoy!  =)
Brody in his frog towel!
He was trying to ride the funny

Brody opening his gift while sitting in his sled
This pisses me off so much.....Brody dumping the dog food out!  Crumbs everywhere!
Ready for the dog parade in Soulard
One Sunday Brody and I had a little picnic in the living room

I put a veil on Brody while prom dress shopping with my sister in laws
She was sleeping while resting her head on the wipe box

Sit and Spin

Talking to himself in the stove

Wacky hat day at school


2nd Date

Well we meet again!  Hope you liked my very first blog-EVER-yesterday!  =)  My wheels in my head are spinning on some weekly topics....but let's take this relationship slow and get to know each other a bit more.....LOL

This year was my 30th birthday (I LOVE my birthday and I usually drag the celebration out to a month long, maybe because it falls on a HOLIDAY!!  St. Patrick's Day).  I grew up in Red Bud and now live in Columbia!  I think that Columbia is just the perfect location...close to "everything", but it's pricey and that sucks!!  We'll probably end up moving back to Red Bud one day.

I have a great job that I love!!  I work for a wine consulting company....that's right folks I get to drink wine at work!!  Check us out...we're cool!  Cellar Advisors

Like everyone I have a few quirks!  I'm a little obsessed with the following: calms me down like a long walk-I look forward to schedule spring cleaning  =)  One Valentine's Day Matt got me a new was the best gift ever!

Jillian Micheals workout DVDS-seriously $10 at Wal Mart!?!?!?  I have the 30-Day Shred, Yoga Meltdown, No More Trouble Zone and Shed It-Kettlebell.

My Fitness Pal It's great and it's FREE!  I need to stick with it a little more than I do! It's got about every restaurant and brand of food already in the system, plus it gives you more calories to consume when you exercise!!  But...again I need to stick with it a little more-MAYBE you can help me!

I love my Nike Plus arm band. This thing tracks: miles, pace and calories burned!  My longest run has been 6 miles....about 1/2 of a half marathon.  I'm throwing the idea around about trying a half, but it's seriously like $100 to run......I can run from Red Bud to Waterloo for FREE!!

Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks.  I used to be obsessed with the Frappes...until I used My Fitness Pal and realized how many calories!  It would have been OK if I would get them very once and while, but I would get them All.The.Time.  The Skinny Vanilla Latte only has 130 calories...and that's for a grande!!  
This is my most recent obsession!  I've been using the daily glow (because I'm 30 now and I'm sure I will wrinkle 2x as fast in the tanning bed)  I've only used it for 3 days and the accountant was like WOW you got some sun this weekend.....  =) 

Tattoos!  I got my 3rd one this past Saturday at Eternal Ink.  I'll probably get about 4 more in my life: wrist, other side of ribs, behind the ear, and my foot/feet.