Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


Me A-Z

I never do these type of things .... but this one seems easy!!

A. Age: 31
B. Bed size: Queen - shared with a hubby & 2 dogs
C. Chore you hate: folding & putting away laundry

D. Dogs: 2 - Zoe (rescue - nuf said) Reese (lab)  

E. Essential start to your day: checking all public social apps I have (on the toilet) TMI-?  sorry  

F. Favorite color: Pink 

G. Gold or Silver: Silver

H. Height: 5'7"
I. Instruments you play: I don't ....

J. Job Title: Admin Assistant. Wife. Mom. Sister.

K. Kids: Brody - 3 yrs old
L. Live: IL

M. Married: 2006

N. Nicknames: ummmm ..... IDK

O. Overnight hospital stays: just when I had Brody 
P. Pet peeve:  not putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher .... the dishwasher is a perfect place to hide the grossness of dirty dishes! 

Q. Quote:   "Someday I won't be able to, but today is not that day" I need to tell myself that every time I don't want to run!

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty.

S. Siblings: 1 sister
T. Time you wake up:  my goal is 4:45a, but sometimes most times its 5:45a 
U. University attended: Community College .... pretty sure is isn't an University

V. Vegetables you dislike: peas, green beans

W. What makes you run late: ADD and OCD .... I always think I have time to do just one more thing .....

X. X-rays you've had: teeth
Y. Yummy food: Olive Garden Salad and Bread Sticks
Z. Zoo animal favorite: The Lions & Monkey's


2012 Resolutions _ Recap

Whelp ... it's that time again - resolutions .... (enter haunting music) Let's see how I did on my 2012 Resolutions ....

Resolution: Run the whole thing:  I sign up and participate in about 5 races every year and besides the Santa Hustle a few weeks back, I haven't ran the whole race since the Halloween 10k in October 2010!!  This year....I'm going to run the whole race - every race!

6-month check up: So far so good....I ran the whole 5 mile St Patty's Day run 2 min faster than my up Susan G Koman (haven't ran that whole course, then the Color Run in August, then the Halloween 10k, THEN.....the HALF in October

Conclusion:  I ran the whole SGK and the Color Run.  I didn't register for the Halloween 10k .... but I ran the whole 13.1 in October right at my goal of 2h 30m!

Resolution: Pre Brody Weight: I'm a big slacker....I'm the first to admit it-I really don't like to exercise and still like to snack and eat shitty like I did when I was 17!!! But, this year I'm going to get down or below the weight I was when I got pregnant with Brody.  Just for the record....that's 10 + or - pounds.

6-month check up: Work in progress....Matt and I joined Weight Watchers online on May 8th (um almost a month) and I've only lost 4 lbs...NOT because WW doesn't work, because I cheat ALL.THE.TIME. Still working on it....I have another 6 months!  =)
Conclusion: Hellz Bellz ... this is a fail!  I'm a WW drop out .... I manged to keep those 4 lbs off (BFD) BUT .... January 2nd 2013 I'm going to do the Advocare 24-Challeage - the shit is already ordered!!  It's a mini investment and I'll be doing it with a great group of girls!!

Resolution: Better Mother and Wife: I really hate to confess this (its not even Friday) but sometimes I act like Kate Gosslin.  I freak out over messes and when things don't go as planned, so this year I'm really REALLY going to try to be a little calmer.  This by far is going to be the hardest one for me!

6-month check up: Still Kate Gosslin....sorry people in my life! 

Conclusion: UGH .... I think I'm getting better, but still have my moments ... and my moments can last for hours - DAYS - a while!  LOL

Resolution: Baby #2: I'm going to THINK about getting off the pill (FYI: it'll probably be way later in probably November-ish).

6-month check up: The way Mr Broster has been acting lately this will happen closer to December 31st at 11:59p until I THINK about it. I can roll over resolutions, right!?!?

Conclusion: I'm still on the pill .... here's my issue - I would get off the pill when the clock strikes midnight on the 31st, but it won't go with my plan .... my plan is to get pregnant in July so I'll have the baby in March/April - that way ..... I'll have a springtime baby and 6-7 months in between to plan birthday parties AND might be able to plan it just right to reveal the sex at Christmas next year ..... 

Resolution: Potty Training: well, duh.....yes I'm already this, but Mr. Brody isn't!  He will be in 2012 though!

6-month check up: We have the peeing down pretty good....but the poops - ugh, I'm running out of underwears blc I throw them away instead of washing them.  It's easier to just cut the underwear off then pull them down then wash their leg - OK I'll stop there, I'm grossing myself out.

Conclusion: 100% potty training (bring on the balloons and streamers!!!) everyone told me it would just "click" with them and by god it did!!  He went once at school and it's been smooth sailing ever since!! We still wear pull ups for naps and nighttime, but the Dr. said over night potty training could take 7 years to conquer - and I'm A-Ok with that!!

Resolution: J.O.B.: My goal is to find another job that I absolutely love - like when I was at WCG (if that is possible)

6-month check up: SUCCESS: Oh the relieve of having a job I love again.  I'm working at World Wide Technology in Westport and couldn't be happier.  It wasn't an easy road...I interviewed 4 times with 6 different people all while still working for the Prada's. I sit in the lovely 270 traffic for about 45-60 mins everyday, but it's totally worth being in a healthy work environment again. 
Conclusion: I'm still over the moon happy at my job .... I LOVE everything about it - the people I work with, the guys I support, the culture of the company - it's all so great!!!

Stay tuned for 2013 resolutions ....


Santa Pictures_2012

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we went to Trish Catio's house for Santa Pictures (becuase she knows him .... ) We left there and I told Matt we are so lucky to have 2 local Santa's that do such an amazing job!!! 

You can tell Brody was a little nervous ... playing with his sleeve

"I want Avengers and a bow and arrow"

Apparently Santa NEVER shares his hat



Let's chat about Booties .....

I'm not talking about these .....

...... I'm talking about these

I scored a pair (not the pair above) on Black Friday from Sears for $16, but haven't worn them yet because I don't know how .... here's what I've tried and why it hasn't worked - maybe it would have, but I'm not sure!!

tights and sweater dress - my tights don't have feet in them so part of my ankle showed ..... should I pull the tights down into the booties or is the peek-a-boo ankle OK?

skinny jeans ...... my jeans aren't very skinny around the ankle so they bunch with the booties - is bunching OK or should I tuck them into the booties .... tucking seems weird to me .....

Please teach me how to wear my good deal!!