Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke



So this weekend Matt went to Chicago for some Brother time with JR and that meant it was me and Brody ALL.WEEKEND.LONG....

Friday: I got off early to pick up Brody from daycare and as soon as I walked in a teacher stopped me and it went like this:
Teach: so Brody has different clothes on
Me: ok....
Teach: well....someone didn't put his diaper on all way and he had had a poopy
Me: oh no, that's ok
Teach: and he doesn't have shoes on either, because they caught most of it
Me: (thinking....thank god it was you and not me cleaning that up) Awe....ok
I got him home and we changed and the shoes when in the washer and we headed to Fenton for some shopping with Grandma for her new living room.  We ate at Red Robin first then hit up Target!!  He played with the Elmo potty book the whole time and suckered Grandma into buying him a few things.  It was 9:00 by this time so we decided to go over to Garden Ridge to look at lamps.  When Brody gets tired he gets wild .... so he was standing in the back of the cart yelling!  Not screaming but just making himself heard!

We got home and mom and I were both excited because his Old Navy had came, so we made him try on a few things....we made it fun and would tell him to walk out of the door then come back in-at one point he turned around with his hand on his hip....OMG so funny.  He didn't go to sleep until like 11:30!  Mom spent the night and we did a Skinny Wrap and this time we slept in them.  I'm totally not sold on those things....MAYBE 2 inches I've lost and my bed smells like vicks!  ugh

Saturday:  Not sure why the hell I can't get out of bed with this much energy during the week, but I was up at 7:00 and threw a quiche in the oven then went on a run with the dogs.  They are doing really good running and I only almost busted my ass 2x because Reese decided to run in front of me instead of on the side.  Mom left and Brody and I chilled for a while and we headed to Red Bud too.  Mom cooked a great meal and we hung out for a while then headed home.  He stayed up all the way home and was deliriously tired

Sunday:  OH....SUNDAY!  Brody was totally off with his naps and bed time and was Mr. Crabby!  His pool party was started at 3:00 so I wanted to do a few things before the kiddos came over.  Him and I both had a hard time getting motivated....

....once we finally did I had 4 stops in So Co then I was going to take him to lunch just me and him.  First off before we even left he was putting his magnetic letters into the dogs water bowl then decided to start throwing them....he got a little swat on the leg, which made him bawl so getting out of the door was delayed with me comforting him.  Our first stop Home Depot to get some red spray paint for his wooden #2 that we're going to use for his 2 year old pictures....he wouldn't hold my hand and was screaming then saw a little girl running around so he thought he could run around......I finally got him into a cart and we went to say "HI" and "BYE" to the "trackies" aka tractors aka lawn mowers.  Next stop Supplement Superstore for me to get the Goddess Fast Pack.  There was one guy working and 3 other people in there.  I picked up the pills and thought I would let Brody down to walk....MISTAKE!  All those pills bottles looked way too neat for a 2 year old.....he knocked over a few and when he went for the glass one as I was picked up the other ones....I picked him back up.  I stood in line and waited and waited.....I got up to the register and the conversation went like this:
SSG: is this your 1st time using these
Me: yes
SSG: oh good then I can go over this with the both of you (there was another guy standing there)
Me: OK
SSG: (he pulls out these forms and starts his gig) so how many meals are you eating
Me: 3
SSG goes on about how I should really eat 5-6 meals and blah the mean time I'm switching arms with a 30lb kid who is getting impatient.  Once he said and if you can bulk cook then you can put meals in Tupperware for easy meals shit Sherlock!!
Me: I'm really sorry but how much longer is this going to take.....he's getting impatient!
SSG: oh yea yea problem
He FINALLY checks me out and we're on our way!
Next stop Deals to see if there was any trucks or construction stuff for Brody's party. Brody was good and sat in the back of the cart and played with his $1 truck.  One more final stop....Old Navy to exchange some pants.  I think it was let's go to Old Navy and let your kids run around like animal day.   We found the pants in the right size but not the right color, but I figured even exchange would be fine since I got 25% off of my online order.....not that easy!
ON: we can only do returns for online orders not exchanges
Me: ok well do I still get the 25% off
ON: let me check....well no because it was an online only deal
Me: ok that's fine I'll just return them and buy these.  Unless you have the khaki ones in 18-24mos
ON: let me check....(she scans them) they come in 3 colors
Me: I you have the khaki ones in 18-20mos
*in the meantime Brody is running around....he runs to the door and the person coming in looks around like "oh my who's kid is this?!?!" I was so pissed.....and did not have the energy to go get him.* 
ON: I see we have them in that what you needed
Me: I know I saw them back there I need them in 18-24 mos
ON: Well I see in the system we have 1 pair in 18-24 mos, but it doesn't tell me the color
Me: Ya's fine....I'll just return these and order the right ones online (so I don't have to deal with you idiots!)  After I get my animal in the car I just sit there and realize (A) the time has come where Brody doesn't like to shop....I will never have that little cute boy sitting in the cart smiling again! (B) How in the world do single moms do it!! I didn't even think twice about taking him to lunch....all I could think about was NAPTIME!  We went home and he had lunch and took a nap!!  I woke him up about 2:45 just in time for his friends to start showing up!  It was was his first little party so I got some Rice Krispies and Capri Sun's.  I think everyone had a great time!!

Matt came home (ahhhh) and I ordered some Thai House and we all hit the sack early!  Brody slept till 8:20 this morning!


Handling the Terrible Twos, Threes, Fours

I received this from my Brother in Law this week....and at first I'm like "oh boy Brody must have really made a bad impression on him in July!"  (I mean I wouldn't have blamed him since Brody was yelling "PA PA" during his Pa Pa's wedding ceremony yikes....)  So, I read bits and peices of the article and it was cute and today I just took the was interesting, but I'm proud to announce Brody is:

Two or more B's Your child is typical, with good and bad days. That's to be expected from a "preoperational thinker" (illogical and unable to consider other points of view), which is what all kids are until about age 6.


Beauti Control_New Product & August Special

~~~~~~~~~~ New Product Review ~~~~~~~~~~

Wipe away the Summer's harsh skin damage and sun spots with this.  I have always been a sun worshiper, never wore sunscreen and loved soaking up the sun's rays.  Well, my skin soaked up the sun alright leaving me with sun (age) spots.  I started using sunscreen on my face, but the damage was already there.  I recently started using Beauti Control's Cell Block-C Intensive Brightening Elixir.

Description: Unique BeautiControl technology targets surface cells damaged by hormonal, environmental and age-related factors to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and age spots, while our exclusive Tri-C Complex? delivers three potent forms of vitamin C deep into the epidermis for healthy-looking, glowing skin! 

Price: $30.00
Size: 1 oz

I had a pretty bad sun spot on my forehead and on my top lip....making me look like I had a mustache!  Not cool!  I can really see these spots fading after using this product! 

~~~~~~~~~~ August Special ~~~~~~~~~~ 

Save $15 dollars when you spend $75 or more!!  This deal ends August 31st!

1st Birthday Party

So with Brody's 2nd birthday party only 38 days away I wanted to share his 1st birthday party!!

Date: Saturday October 2nd, 2010
Location: Columbia Park
Theme: Sweet at One
(I still have lots of napkins left if anyone wants them)
Weather: COLD & WINDY

We had his 1 year pictures with Kara in Sept:

Kara put this together to in inside with his invites:

On to the big day!  Like I said is was so cold and SO windy!  I, of course, was NOT in a good mood, because all of the table cover was blowing everywhere and the balloons were disastrous!   But looking back at all the photos it turned out to be a great First Birthday Party!!

Jackie's awesome cake!
Nani's cupcake....(that Zoe didn't get ahold of)

"I'm going to play drums on my cupake"
"I wonder what will happen if I throw it off....."
"Ummm, who took my cupcake I had"

The presents went great and he was so lucky to get so many great gifts!


I slept like shit last night...why you ask?!?!  Well, it wasn't from a snoring husband or a crying baby or from burglars braking my window it was because of REESE!  I have have a little diva on my hands (I'm thinking more and more I'm sooo a boy mom)!  So I'll fill you in on how this all happened!  Four years ago we contacted a Lab breeder (disclaimer: I don't agree with breeders....I think that there are plenty of great dogs in shelters.  BUT, we knew the breeders and knew they were not a puppy mill. Matt wanted to get a Lab to go hunt with and we knew these pups had an awesome blood line to hunt!)  So Matt picks out a little 4 week old Yellow (practically white) pup:

It's one of them
we get her home and she is a little angel....

Matt told me I couldn't baby her because she had to be tough and disciplined.  He did great training her

She just grew up so fast and I wasn't able to cuddle or sleep with once!  It was sad, but honestly I tucked her under the covers with me once or twice!

THEN....she became a little shit head!!

Standing on top of her dog house peeking inside the kitchen window!
Wrapped herself around this dead brush!
Her pillow.....
....MY photo album!

She got some ducks & geese and LOVED going.  But, the mornings when Matt wouldn't take her she was sad, so I let her in bed with me! Oops!  THEN when Matt took her she began to shiver because she was becoming a diva and would rather snuggle with me than be out in the woods (I don't blame her)  Matt babied her too....and I found a picture to prove it!

So now Reese no longer hunts and is always right by our sides!  I admit that I let her lay in bed with me every night and she sleeps like a human and I spoon her (don't judge!)  The nights when Matt and I go to bed together he sits next to the bed and whines and sometimes even barks a little.....

Well, last night "miss thang" wanted up in bed with me at 2:00 am!!  And when I wouldn't let me she nosed me with that cold wet nose....then nudged my arm up....UGH!!  THEN she got one of Brody's toys and began chewing on it in our room!  So, I get up and let her out....nope she doesn't have to go potty, she just wants in my bed.  We have a queen sized bed and with me, Matt and a 60 lb dog it gets tight!.  I'm not sure where Reese finally slept last night because I just turned my back and fell back asleep after tossing and turning for an HOUR!!


Brody's Birth Story

So did I ever mention I may be a follower.....thanks Cassie

Brody's due date was October 17, 2009, well on September 30, 2009 around 4:30 pm (right after I met with the other 2 admin's in the office who was going to cover my position while I was out) I went to my desk and it felt like I peed myself just a little.  I didn't really think anything of it, so I went to the bathroom and put a a little pad in my underwear.  I got back to my desk and it happens AGAIN!  I'm getting nervous now.  So I go to Sara (she has 6 boys) and I'm like what does it feel like when your water breaks?  She gets all giddy....I tell her what happens and she's like you should probably call the doctor.  I'm shaking at this point....super freaked out!!  I go in a spare office and leave a message for the nurse then call Matt to update him.  While on the phone with Matt the nurse calls back...."you probably go to the hospital."  My reply "now?"  "yes". (I probably would have totally stayed until 5:00 to get things in order!)  So I call Matt back and tell him to meet me at the hospital.  I get out of the empty office and there stands Sara at Emily's desk and she's like what did they say!?!  I hadn't even told Emily what was going on.  I'm like I'm going to the hospital....they tear up and Emily offers to drive me, but I'm like I'm fine!!  I go back to my desk and give Nani the "oh shit" eyes then fill her and Carolyn in on what's going on.  I pack up my stuff and pop my head in my boss's office and was like "I"m heading to the hospital, not sure what's going on."  I walk down the 3 flights of stairs and put my garbage bag and towel on my seat and start driving from downtown to St Anthony's.  I call my mom on the way to update her, but told her not to come up quite yet.  I waited in the car at the hospital for Matt and will NEVER forget the way his truck flew around the corner to park!  We walked in and of course forgot which floor Labor and Delivery was on, so we took a little elevator ride.  I walk up to the desk and was like I think my water is breaking.  They were shocked, I think.  I get in a room and they check to see if it was my water and yes it was!! They told me I was not leaving the hospital without a baby in my arms.  I called my sister and mom and they brought me some stuff up and was going to stay at the house with the dogs.

Last pregnant picture
It was a LONG night.  Matt went home to grab a few things and Emily and Mom stayed until about 11:00 pm and they headed back to the house and would come back around 8:00 am if they didn't hear anything from us. The plan was for Emily to be in the room with us.  I can't remember how far dilated I was, but I was getting uncomfortable so they gave me a shot of something (she said it would make me feel like I had a few cocktails...and boy did it ever)  The nurse told me not to wait until the last minute to ask for the epidural because there was a few others in labor that night too.  They broke my water completely and it was too the point where I wasn't getting any sleep and neither was Matt so I asked for one.  In the mean time I REALLY wanted one so she gave me another shot of some "cocktails" until anesthesiologist could come in.  Honestly getting the epidural was what I was most scared of and I freaked myself out over NOTHING....I didn't even feel it!  Maybe I have a high tolerance for drugs or something because I could still feel the contractions!! By this time I was tired, Matt was tired and I was so scared that I was going to have to have a c-section and was going to feel them cut me because the epidural wasn't working.  So I started crying..... My doctor was not on call that night....of course the ONE doctor in the group of 4 that I didn't want was on call.  UGH.  They gave me something else to numb me and that sucker worked!  So, it kicks in.....and I hated it!  I couldn't feel my legs and Brody's heart rate went low so I had to get on all fours for like 30 mins!!  not fun....  I don't think I slept at all that night.  Around 8:00 am Mom and Emily come back.  By this time I was so exhausted and so was Matt and I was just trying to keep myself calm, because I was so uncomfortable!  My mom came by the bed side and I told her she could stay in the room.  She got teary and giddy and I remember saying "your excitement level is at a 10 (it really wasn't, but it felt like it) and you have to be a 1!"  She said ok.  Around 9:00 am, I guess, they told me I was ready to start pushing.  Emily on one side and Matt on the other (until Emily got light headed so Mom stepped in)  I pushed for like an hour (which felt like FOREVER) and then at 10:16 am Brody Robert Blind came out screaming his little 6lb 12oz head off!!

The room was filled with emotion!  Matt, of course, cut the cord, but then there was more to cut, so Emily go to do that!  It's a day I'll never forget!


Taco Pie

So yesterday as I was packing Matt's lunch...dino nuggets, shredded cheese and a wrap.  I noticed a recipe on the back of the cheese. 

sorry for the sounds so yummy so I prepared it last night for us to just pop in the oven tonight!!  I'll let you know!  =)

(a very late) Weekend Update

So we had a busy really started for me on Thursday!  I took off last Thursday and Friday to hang out with Brody and do some fun stuff before the summer ends! 

Thursday we did this
Friday Aunt Emmy was off too so went downtown to have lunch with some old co-workers and visited Emily old place where she worked.  Friday night was BLOGGER much fun!  I think these girls summed it great!! Cassie Adrien Heather Thanks again Sarah for hosting and I'm still thinking of that caramel goodness you made!!
Saturday my alarm went off at 5:45am to go to the Mommy sale!  It was great.  I got this for Brody for $8.00!!
and a remote controlled Jeep that I'm not sure who liked it more...Matt or Brody!  I can tell you one thing Reese HATED it!
Next we hit up Kohl's where my mom got a 30% coupon!  Whoo Hoo for Jackie and I!  They had all the fall clothes 50% off then PLUS the 30%....what a deal!  Brody walked away with lots of long sleeve tshirts and a few sweatshirts!!

That night Brody had a sleep over with Loreli!  They were so cute together!!  They had many first's on this date....a picnic and a car ride! 

Notice their matching PJ's

Sunday morning Loreli was a good girl and slept in....not Brody!  Up at 6:30!  During breakfast I noticed Brody was slipping his waffle on the chair.  Sometimes he slips food to the dogs, but they were outside.  He very politely says "more appie peas"?
Me: did you eat all of your waffle
Brody: uh uh
Yea right....   
The rest of Sunday was so great....Brody napped and I laid out.  Got a little hot so went on a raft-dozed off, then went back to the chair and dozed off .... I love summer days like that and I hadn't gotten one all summer!!!