Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


Beef Stew .... the Blind's recipe!

You know how when you make beef stew you throw a little bit of this and a little bit of that into it ... well that's how this post is going to be!!

Geez Louise my last post was in January so I'll give you the birds eye view of what's been happening around the Blind Household .... The last time I wrote I was complaining about Brody randomly pissing his pants ... well what do you know it's happening again!!  I think he just gets too busy and dribbles then he's like I need to go finish on the potty.  OH .. and another thing that's happening is that he is terrified of the automatic flushing toilets - it's bad and funny and the worst part is they have them at Olive Garden and we eat there alot ... he goes to sit and it flushes and hops off and says "I'll go at home"

February: Disney trip .... it was busy - I should just stop there .... but I'm not going to - here's how it went down ...

Friday - flight out was at 6:20a - we had to be at the airport at 4:30a .... my alarm was set at 3:30a - I woke up at 1:30a and couldn't fall back asleep.  Brody did great on the flight ... slept 1/2 way through and PTL didn't have to go potty.  We land, check into the hotel and head to Magic Kingdom.  We chose not to get Brody a stroller and he did just fine.  We walked up to the castle and they are having a dance party with all the characters ... YAY (right) not for Brody .... I danced my way over to Woody and screaming and tears galore!  fabulous .... he warmed up from a distance and had fun towards the end.  We rode the rides he could and saw some of the characters - of course he was scared of all of them except for the fairies! I just knew that Friday was going to be a long day with the early flight and 7:30p fireworks reservations .... honestly I can't tell you what we did after the fireworks ....

Saturday - we got up and headed to the race Expo & did our thing there and headed to Hollywood Studios.  There was a ton for Brody to do there - more than what I would have thought.  There was a whole Disney Junior section and there was a live show - which was pretty much like a live Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode.  There were a ton of different characters there that we enjoyed from a distance ..... I'm not going to lie him being scared of the characters kind of disappointed me ... I mean here we are at frickin Disney World - happiest place on earth (right) and my kid is scared of everyone ..... I guess this means we don't have to go back again Saturday was an early night - the race was at the butt crack dawn.

Sunday - Princess Half Marathon Time!!!  My alarm was set for 2:30a and we caught the bus at 3:00a .... YAWN is an understatement - I was beat!!  Our start time was 5:50a I think .... there was a dance party there with characters, but honestly I just wanted to go back to bed.  Once the race started it was SO much FUN!!  It was super hot & humid and we made a few stops to get pictures taken with the characters along the way and my body just wasn't' used to stopping and starting again ... so I struggled.  Emma was texting Matt along the way so they knew when we were coming ... around mile 12 Emma gets a text "Brody and I are going back to the hotel"  I could have quit right then and there - I was hot, tired, sore and now my husband and son wasn't going to be at the finish line waiting for me .... once I saw the finish line I ran my ass off ... I felt my heart in my head and I just wanted to be DONE!  *side note* Brody had to poo and refused to use any of the potties ... he was crying and holding his belly and just wanted to back to the room and go.  Matt tried to take him into a porta potty and one look at that he was like "that's not a potty - that's a trash can"
We went to the airport super early because we were ready to get the hell out of dodge .... our flight was delayed a bit - we all slept on the way home (Matt and I slept with our heads in our hands on the tray in front of us) and when we landed in STL .... our luggage wasn't there - icing on the cake!!  We finally got it the next day around noon.

All and all I'm glad we went ..... we have some great memories and photos to keep forever - however my FAVORITE one is this one:

March: *my birthday month*st. patty's day 5 mi/parade*blogger birthday bunco* parTAY - right?  Well, somethings don't always happen the way they are planned.  Come March 1st when I didn't receive my monthly visitor I just thought well I might be off a few days *note* despite my "plan" I decided to get off the pill when the clock struck 2013 .... *March 2nd - nothing *March 3rd - nothing *March 4th (laying in bed) I tell Matt - um, I haven't started yet "you think your knocked up" JERK *March 5th - I got to Target and get some pregnancy tests (teared up because it may be better BE the last time for me to buy them) that night when I got home I couldn't get into the bathroom fast enough ... and what do I see - a pink cross - then I see the digital words "pregnant" (I brought 2 brands to be sure ... yea know in case I got the 1 in a trillion test that was defected) A million things are running through my head .... How could this REALLY be happening?  I thought for sure it would take as long (if not longer) than it did with Brody?  Did we even have sex in February?  Was I pregnant when I ran that half?  Matt wasn't home that night and Brody kept asking me if I was sick because he thought the tests were thermometers. *March 6th - I wake Matt and up and say (something along the words of) "we're having a BABY"

My due date is November 8th .... only 3 days before the P!NK concert!  Thank god my doctor is a saint and won't even think about letting me go to my due date - I've already told her about my prior obligations and she's cool with it.  I just don't want to be laying in a hospital bed on Oct. 31 when Brody is trick or treating ...

April: welp this month didn't start off on much of a happy foot .... we lost this great guy April 7th .....

..... and I can't stop thanking God that we had those pictures taken in November and that Brody has memories of him - we have SO many pictures of the 2 of them together.  Grandpa lived a good long life (88yrs) and was ready to go .... it's hard to swallow, but he's happy and health in Heaven now.