Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


Baby Blind #2 _ Trimester 1

So I left off at *March 6th - I wake Matt up and say (something along the words of) "we're having a BABY".  The next day I'm bursting at the seams waiting to tell someone else!  I try to meet Emma for coffee or lunch, but she can't get away so I just ask her something like this "so do you think you can be in the delivery room again THIS FALL?"  My initial plan was to wait to tell our family on Easter and give them an egg with a note in it .... well that lasted all of 2 days ... *March 9th - we stopped by all the parents and grandparents houses and Brody gave them this: 

This was right around the time when Grandpa wasn't doing good at all so the good news brought tears to many.  I don't like to tell anyone else but family before my 1st ultrasound and doctor appointment., but I had some pretty important events coming up .... 1st hurdle = St Patty's Parade and 5 mi.  The weather was on my side and was pretty cold so that was my "excuse" for not wanting to stay around after the run - the RUN that my ass ran the whole way with the Hubby!!  2nd hurdle = Blogger Birthday Bunco .... AT MY HOUSE.  I'm not going to lie I was terrified!!  If you're not part of a Bunco group you don't know what kind of breed these girls are.  I passed with flying colors - NO ONE asked me why I wasn't drinking.  My 1st doctor appointment was scheduled for *March 25th, but when the day finally came so did snow & lots of it .... UGH canceled and rescheduled to March 29th.  *March 29th - Everything looked great & I was right at 8 weeks along!!  I kept telling my Dr how I had symptoms and I never had them before ... she laughed and was like EVERYTHING is different the 2nd time around!!  After the appointment my mom dropped some letters in the mail to some very special people.  *March 30th - so much fun .... everyone got their letters and were surprised about the news!  *April 1st - I changed my cover on FB and said nothing else ... I did get some messages asking if it was another April's fools joke like I did the year before.  *April 23rd - doctor appointment!  I'm always super nervous about the 2nd doctor appointment .... because you're just right at the 1st trimester and the nurse always says - "it might take me a while since your so early" - she had no problems.  It was a strong and fast 169 heart rate   I can NOT believe we only have one more doctor appointment until we know what we're having ... AHH!  *April 27 - Color Run 5K!!  It was cold and raining, but we did it!!  I was super sore that night ... round ligament pains suck!!  I bit the bullet and got out my maternity clothes I had for Brody ... I do not remember having that many clothes!!  

*April 28 - I was still a little sore so I wore a pair of maternity jeans (which were too big) and was miserable the whole time I was shopping .... constantly pulling them up, very annoying! *April 30 - I felt great!!  After work I pulled weeds, washed my car & Brody and I got an icee.  Took a 12 week belly picture! *May 1 - I actually got up at 5a for a workout!! *May 2-3 - Slept in again .... lol (the burst of energy was nice while it lasted)

Cravings: Salads with Ranch (usually I'm an Italian dressing kind of girl), Soup, Ice 
Clothes: some of my pants are getting snug & the ones that still button get pretty uncomfortable by the end of the day
Symptoms: At the beginning nausea was pretty bad - I feel like I'm hungover, but its getting much better
Energy: it's off and on ....