Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


Whata Weekend......

So I got a wild hair up my ass last week that I need a garden this year!  We had a garden a few years ago and it was on top of the hill and I really wasn't that into it.  Maybe it's because all the girls at work garden or maybe it's because I'm on the "let's start saving money" train, but this year I'm into it (at least I hope).  So I got this website from a girl at work and forwarded this website to my lovely husband!  I had it all planned out....we would put it in the area of the back yard that grass never grew and we would have vegetables coming out of our ears by summer!   Matt was on board and told me that I would have to sweet talk one of our friends with a gas powered tiller, well that took about 2 seconds and Andy was on board too.  He even said he could come back this weekend!!  I went to Home Depot on Friday on my lunch break to get all my seeds!  I had lots I wanted to plant: herbs, onions, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes.....Friday I came home from work and we went grocery shopping and saved over $35 in coupons!  Oh yea!  Market Place had fish sticks on sale for $1.99 and I had a $1.00-yep got a box of fish sticks for .99!!!  After the groceries were put away Matt went to Home Depot with his garden box shopping list.   He was SO excited to get started he began as soon as he got back.  (bahahaha, not really....he had plans on Saturday) 

Saturday morning I was outside by 6:30 pulling weeds and playing with the dogs.  I also dug up a dumb bush that does nothing (aka doesn't bloom) and I've hated since we moved it.  Brody had Little Gym and we had a Costco list and when we came back to this:

Oh Yea...let the fun begin!  Matt headed off to pick up his gun in Pinckneyville and Brody had a play date with Ms Hailey.   The 2 of them cracked Amber and I up all afternoon!

Matt pulled up as soon as they were leaving and suggested a "family nap".....ugh.....So I agreed.  I slept till like 5:00 and woke up PISSED that I had slept that long.  I wanted to work on the garden all afternoon.  I headed to Ace and picked up some more supplies and we made supper and I started Avatar (yes started....I got tried with about 15 min to go and still haven't finished it).

Sunday my mom came up to watch our 2 1/2 (Happy Half Birthday Brody) while we finished up the garden.  Sunday was HOT....we had a lot of dirt to move and I have a mega blister to prove it.....but we got it done!!!

The area when from this:

 to this:

We're going to fill rock in around the boxes then get some stepping stones and put the grill in the corner.  I can't wait to make some pesto with by basil, chips with my zucchini, and salsa with my tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cilantro!!

After we got cleaned up and we had lunch we headed to the new shooting range in Columbia.  Matt's been there a few times and the range had just opened to the public.  It was FUN...but man oh man my hearing has just now came back and I had ear plugs in!

On our way back I was on FaceBook and found a great picture to use for April Fools day!

I posted it on my page and said "we have news"  the comments were hilarious....the texts were even better, but to top it off is what we did to my mom!   We are bad I know, but I very rarely get to pull a joke on someone....I mean I can't even finish a joke (because half the time I can't remember it)!  So this is what we did:  Mom was laying on the couch, Matt was by the love seat and I was on the floor by Mom.  We were just small talking and I mentioned how Emily and Brian was having Easter that day.   Then the conversation went like this:
Matt (see Mom he started it....): I wonder if they made their announcement over there!??!
Me (trying not to bust a gut): oh I don't know
Mom: what announcement?!?!?
Me: well.....she really wanted to tell you in person, but I got this text from her today
Mom: Are you serious, Sarah!?!?!?
Me: Just look (holding the phone up to her)
Mom: covering her eyes and in tears with excitement......oh my gosh, Sarah!
*Matt & I are now rolling with laughter and Mom is sobbing*
Me: read the picture!
*She does*
Mom: you guys are horrible!!!  Then she starts to laugh!!

I mean come on people....I was pretty creative when we told our families the first time and what would make you think I wouldn't be the 2nd time.  I would most def do something adorable like this!  Congrats again Adrian!

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Adrien said...

Productive weekend! I hate that feeling of sleeping the day away, too. I feel like I've cheated myself, haha.

I saw that little prank on Facebook and my first thought was, "Aw, yay! A preggo buddy!" Little stinker. .:)