Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke



I guess I'm only 1 day behind, but thanks Cassie for tagging me-this is going to be fun!!!
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1.  What's your summer must have?
My Pool.  I never grew up with one, but man oh man......I love mine now!!
2.  If you could vacation to the same spot every year where would you go?
The beach!  I love looking out your window and seeing nothing but sand and water!!
3.  If you could only have five apps on your phone what would they be?
Ahhh, only 5!?!?!  Gmail, Facebook, MapQuest, DrawSome, WomanLog
4.  What is the one thing you can't go a day without?
Hugging and Kissing Brody.  
5.  If you could pick one Fast Food restaurant to be in your town what would it be?
Jimmy Johns!!
6.  Explain the worst hair cut you have every had.
Well.....I had girl from who was in beauty school cut my hair.  MISTAKE. My hair was pretty long and all I wanted was some layers to take out the bulk.  I had a mullet!   This occurred over a holiday weekend so NO ONE was open....I had to go to Great Clips and even that girl smirked at the sight of it....I'm like it's OK you can laugh!!

7.  If you had to buy one color of skinnies what color would they be?
Dark Jean
8.  Would you rather only have FB or only have texting?
9.  What's your perfect day like?
 Get up with lots of energy and go for a run, get everything done around the house (laundry, cleaning, dishes etc), grab a coffee, cook a great supper and chill with my boys!
10.  If you didn't have a Dad who would walk you down the isle?
My Grandpa
11.  What would you do if someone gave you $100?
Have Matt take me to dinner somewhere nice
I don't know any other bloggers who haven't already been tagged to do this!  But I can give you some links to some other great answers!!  Cassie * Sara * Heather * Adrien


So I've never updated you about my Disney trip in February!!  Better now then never!!
 Thursday: We got up at 3:00 am and headed to the airport at 4:15! 

Matt and Brody drove us and we were all shocked that Brody was in the best mood ever!!!  Truth be known I don't like to fly.  I've flown more since I've had jobs that has required it, but I'm a homebody and the thought of 911 is still in the back of my mind.  So I'm always emotional.....My bags were in the kitchen and Brody looked and my tag and started rattling off Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Daisy (I didn't even know he knew all of them!!)  So of course I start getting teary to Matt that he would have loved it so much!!  =(  Our flight was good - completely FULL plane.  We landed in Orlando and had to find the Disney shuttle.  It took us an HOUR.  We finally got on the bus and headed to Port Orleans French Quarters (Mom and Emily stayed there 10 years ago when they went)  It was all Mardi Gras themed and the resort is HUGE!  We had to hike to our room (which the door was on the outside-I HATE that).  The room was nice and clean - which is the only thing that really matters to me! 

She bossed us around the WHOLE time....LOL
We freshened up and headed to Magic Kingdom.  Emily was jumping out of her skin she was so excited to see the castle.  I'm not sure if I thought it would be different, but I was like um, there's the castle - snap of a picture!  We went to Space Mountain and totally lucked out with some FastPasses that some nice lady gave us.  I hated that ride....first the seats were tiny and the whole ride was pitch dark!!  Whenever I'm on rollar coasters I always think I'm going to be decapitated...and now I wouldn't even be able to see it coming....AHHHH!!!!  We saw a parade and that was really cool because almost all the characters were in it.   *Characters....I think I thought it would have been more like know you walk in and Bugs in right there waiting for you.  I understand that if Mickey was there there would be a mob, but maybe he could be on a highrise or something saying hi* 

The next stop was to Universal Studios.  We headed pretty much straight to the Areosmith ride and stood there for like 45 min and then the ride broke down.  We went to Fantasmic and it was amazing! 

After that we noticed that Areosmith was open again.  (Um....almost lost it on Space Mountain and now I'm riding a roller coaster that wasn't working 2 hours and oh look it going 0-60 in 3.2 life was in the hands of GOD)  The wait was well worth it!!  It was still dark, but it had lots of lights and Areosmith music blaring!  I sang the whole time!! 

We left the park at dark and got to see some fireworks from Epcot.

Friday: We were up  and out the door by 9:00 (tried yet) and headed to ESPN for Emma to pick up her race packet. 

Then we went to Animal Kingdom!  I just knew it would be my favorite park (and it was)!   First thing on the agenda was Kilomanjaro Safaris  and next was Festival of the Loin King both were incredible!!

We headed to the RainForest Cafe for our "big meal" of the trip.  The food was ok and I really liked the gift shop!  Gotta love that frog!! 

Emma's back was hurting so we headed back to the room and me and her crashed (which really made Mom mad-ask her she'll tell you alllll about it).  After our 3 hour nap (oops) mom and I went to the lobby and listen to some New Orleans music.

Saturday: We knew Saturday would be a laid back day since the race started at 4:45 am the next day.  We took a boat to downtown Disney and went to Epcot.  I didn't get Epcot.....there was shops in the different countries and restaurants, but nothing else really.


I really do love going to the half marathons.  I love to see all the different kinds of people that are able to run that far: size, sex, age......and their strides.  For a split second (and I said split second) it makes me want to train for a half! 

We headed home that night and I was so happy to be back home.  I'm sure I'll want to go back someday.....but not anytime soon!

Pictures are on my Facebook, but for some reason you have to go in my albums to see them....they never showed up on my news feed.

Pits and Peaks:

  • I got tan lines in February-the weather was record high
  • I got to check out Disney before taking a family vacation there...with that said, I think we'll go on a Disney Cruise and splurge at Sea World by swimming with Dolphins. The parks are just SO overwhelming.....
  • We stayed on Disney property which made it super easy to get from one park to the other with the shuttles.  Parking the parks was $14!
  • Got to ride on the Tea Cups!
  • Aerosmith ride!!!
  • Our hotel, Port Orleans is one of the Moderate resorts, but it wasn't Disney themed.  If I take Brody I will def stay at one of the Value resorts (look how much fun they look)
  • The food at the resort was super expensive and not good.  I got a side salad for $9 and let me tell you was def a side salad!!  There is no McDonalds or take out on Disney Property....when my cousin went he spent $50 on a cab to McDonalds and he said it was worth every penny!
  • Anytime you wanted to go anywhere you might as well figure an hour.  French Quarters and Riverside has about 5-6 shuttle stops and you stop at each one every time!!
  • Didn't get to see fireworks by the castle (like on the commericals)
  • Dumbo was closed.
  • Downtown Disney was just a lot of shops, same stuff as at the parks.
  • Animal Kingdom was great, but really nothing too different than the STL Zoo.
  • I wish we would have spent more time at Universal and zero time at Epcot.


Birthday Weekend!!

Here's how my Birthday Weekend (yes weekend) was.

Friday: Mother nature wanted to celebrate early and brought on some storms that left our internet down at work.....that met I was able to go home around 1 and worked from home for the rest of the day!  After I set up shop at my kitchen table and did all my laundry between emails and phone calls!  I picked up Brody from school and we went to the store to get some stuff for supper and some beer for the parade and I got CARDED!!  whoo hoo!!  I made supper and we celebrated (since Brody would be at my moms on Saturday) with a cookie cake!

I made up my own sauce for some frozen cheese ravioli's that we had and it turned out great!!
  • 1 package of portabella mushrooms
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1 can of cream of mushroom
  • 1 cup-ish of milk
  • garlic
I just mixed that all in a pan and put it over the cooked ravioli's.  

Saturday: HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Matt's brother was home from Chicago and we are all up by 6:30 for the 5 mile St Patty's Day run!!  Everyone met at the house by 7:15 am and we were all decked out in our green (except for Matt).  He said it was so we could find him after the run....ya right with 13,000 people!!

If you remember my #1 2012 Resolutions it was to run the whole race for every race that I sign up for.  Ekkk, that met I was NOT going to walk any part of this 5 miles.  I did a few runs prior to get prepped and the 1st time my time was 55 mins the 2nd run was 56 and I walked some, so my goal was 56 mins!  Well.....I made it in 54 mins!!  I was super excited!!

We stuck together the whole race!! 
After we cooled off and changed we headed back for the parade.  You can bring your own cooler, but my husband thought it wouldn't be necessary and that we would just by beer.....nice idea!!  Beer was $7 each!!

The weather was amazing and HOT, I had a MP3 line on my arm!!  After we got home we were all a little buzzed (oops) so we stuffed our faces with Domino's and slept all day.

The plan was to go to BoBecks to hear TD Biggs aka 420 and I was going to wear my new little dress with some tights....LOVE IT!  I even got some compliments from strangers! Body Central.$22.a ton of colors (in case you were wondering.....)

The company was great, the crowd was old and the band was well....all over the place!!  One song was "bad girlfriend" and the next was "twist and shout"  I was not impressed!!  But, it was great hanging out with some friends and family!!

We finished the night off with some Taco Bell Loco Tacos and crashed around 2:30!

Sunday:  I was tired, but had plans to go shopping and to Olive Garden with my mom, brody and Nicole.  The best part was this (as Nicole was holding up maternity jeans)

Nicole: will my ass really get THAT big
Me: it sure will, doll!  LOL

When we got home I crashed and Matt and Brody went to the woods and gave me some much needed alone time.  After my 2 1/2 hour nap I got some spring clothes out for Brody, brushed the dogs, pulled some weeds, made supper, washed sheets and had some R n R with Army Wives and some popcorn.

Ahhhh, it was a great Birthday Weekend, but Matt has informed me that my Birthday month is over now!!   Boo on him!


Confessions 03.16

I confess that......

  • tomorrow I'll officially be "in my 30's".  Speaking of which....tomorrow will be full of this at the end of everything I want to do "because it's my birthday!"  Yes, truth be known....I'm a huge kid when it comes to my birthday!
  • Matt and I have had some deep (but good) conversations lately and I love it!  
  • yesterday the Prada's had me in tears twice.....I'm thisclose to putting my 2 weeks in without another job! I have some nibbles on another job, but it's scary to quit and not have something lined up.
  • Tommy is in the states and I couldn't be happier that he has returned unharmed!!  Cross your fingers that all the troops will soon be home! 
  • I asked for new bras and a Dyson for my birthday.....gosh I'm old!
  • last night while Brody was watching Cars and I asked him if he wanted to vacuum with me.  He's like "YEA".  Matt shook his head and was like "he wants to vacuum, but doesn't want to ride his 4-wheeler....maybe next year I'll be ready to have a girl that wants to go in the woods with me someday!!"
  • on Matt and I's date night last Saturday we went to Chili's and I had some crunchy shrimp tacos-HEAVEN!  Also, did you know that if you check in on Foursquare you get free chips and salsa!


The book according to Brody

We've been really trying to work on potty training with Brody.  Wednesday night he pooped in his underwear and Buzz had to go in the trash (I refuse to clean that up). Yesterday when Brody woke up this is what our conversation was like (sorry Matt):

Brody: I not have stinky butt
Me: did you poop?
Brody: no
Me: well you don't have a stinky butt then
Brody: Daddy has stinky butt
Brody: Daddy poops stinky.....peee whoooo (as he makes the gesture of waving his hand in front of his nose)