Brody and Brooke

Brody and Brooke


Baby Blind #2 _ Surprise Gender Reveal

*June 18th couldn't come fast enough for us - we were going to find out if we were having a boy or girl!!  Our appointment was at 8:30a and all 3 of us went - very excited!!

The ultrasound tech is doing all the measurements and then she gets to the butt ... Matt says to Brody "we're gonna find out if it's a boy or girl - what do you think?"  "it's going to be a girl" Brody says & Matt agrees.  I was indifferent - I didn't care which way, but to be honest I was leaning boy.  I just thought it would be cool for Brody to have a brother to share "brotherly" stuff with and I wanted to name this one after my Grandpa.  So, I was shocked to see those 3 little white lines - almost as much as I was to see those pink lines in MARCH!  After the appointment I changed Brody's shirt and dropped him off at school *side note* we weren't telling our family until Saturday - they all thought we were finding out on June 25th - so we had to keep this a secret for 4 days AND Brody was spending the night at my Mom's on Tuesday night and would be with her all day on Wednesday.  On the way to school I was trying to distract Brody by asking him "so we don't know if it's going to be a boy or girl" He proudly said "yes we do .. it's a girl" man oh man ... I was just waiting for a text from my Mom!  But .... it never happened - Brody didn't say a word and neither did I (to my mom) ....We told everyone at work, a few friends and my sister. *June 22nd was the big reveal!  We had already planned a Belated Father's Day BBQ with all the grandparents and parents so everyone would find out at the same time.  I went back and forth on how to announce it, but decided on balloons!  I borrowed a box which was already decorated, but I had something else in mind ....

When everyone arrived and I don't think it really hit them on what was going on ....

But, once they figured it out they were all super excited!!  We did a little voting and took team pictures.

Then just before the rain came in we did the reveal!!  Matt wanted to trick them a little and throw some blue balloons in the box too, but have them float away and just have the pink ones standing!


About that box I borrowed they wanted it back ... so after the reveal the winds really picked up and I couldn't even get the words out of my mouth .... "we should really move that box in before the rain comes" and the box blows into the pool and on top of Brody!!  AHHH ... we get the box out and dump some water out and I take the paper off so it can dry ....

I'm happy to say the box dried fine and I returned that bad boy yesterday!  LOL

*June 24 - The teachers at Brody's school were so excited to find out so we surprised them this morning with a cookie cake - Brody carried it down the hall with the biggest smile ever on his face.


Sara Simpson said...

I'm so happy your family was surprised with your party! Such a fun idea! Love all the pics!! Yay for girls!!!!!!!!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Yay for girls!!! Congrats on the news!

Heather said...
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